Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our final trip to the Children's Museum, Meg's Cast, and a Farwell Tornado

Here are some other pictures that were hidden in the June Photo Folder.  Say that three times. 
I don't know if I ever posted a picture of Megs with her fancy shmancy and super expensive Water Proof cast, so here is one for the records.  Note to self, when a friend offers to cast your child's broken bone for free at his home, ALWAYS take them up on that offer, even if it is summer time and said free cast won't be water proof.  Oye.  That thing was expensive.  We got it, though, because with the move and change, we wanted her to still be able to have fun swimming and something in her life that didn't make her cry.  It made me cry though. ha!
The last few days before leaving Indy, our wonderful friends, the Swensons, were out of town and offered us their home, since, you know, we were basically camping out at our rental.  During our time at our friends, a tornado just happened to hit Avon, and we were forced to go into the pantry to take cover. NOT COOL.  It was a great send off though, let me tell you.  Those warnings are one thing I most definitely DO NOT miss.  Yeah, a tornado actually touched down about 3 miles away from us.  Super scary. 
I included a picture of Perry in all his chubby cuteness because he's cute and because I can.  So there.
The last few pictures were taken at one of our ultimate favorite places, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.  We went one final time, this time meeting up with our super wonderful, ultra awesome friends, the Adams.  They had the slide open for a China exhibit, which always makes for a fun time.  Fun place, fun friends, fun memories.

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