Friday, May 27, 2011


A couple weekends ago, we went to Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho with Bo's dad and brother, Dallin. It was a ton of fun, and to prove it we have posted about a million pictures to follow.

Carter was really excited to go on the big boy roller coaster (the only one he was tall enough to ride with an adult). As we got closer, though, he started having second thoughts. We managed to get him on in the end though by telling him he needed to smile when he saw the camera on the ride. He kept his head up during the initial drop (because he had no idea it was coming), but ducked it the rest of the ride. I had no idea what to expect at the end of the ride because it was so fast and loud, I couldn't hear Carter at all. I thought he might come up crying, but instead he popped is head up and said "Dad, I didn't see the camera." What a trooper. He said he had fun but didn't want to ride it again.

They have a train ride around the park that used to be kind of cool, but now they have this lame "sherriff" that talks about himself the whole time. Still, it was a pretty ride.

This was the first ride the kids went on. They had fun, but Cassidy says she was worried Megan was going to slip through the bar so she was holding on tight the whole time.

Our cute little pilots.

Megan looking at the ground, thinking they may be flying a bit too high.

Carter did great on the little kid coaster by himself.

Megan made it one lap with her head up then ducked her head the rest of the ride.

Megan seriously would have happily gone back and forth between the helicopters and airplanes the entire time. She even finally figured out how to get them to go up and down.

On the bumper boats. Not many people get off dry.

Megan's job was to keep her hand on the button at all times. She did great, even when she was getting sprayed.

All in all, a very fun day. The kids were exhausted by the end, and ready to go home. The adults may have been a little worn out too.


This year's Easter was pretty laid back. With most of our house packed, we decided to take make this holiday nice and simple. In fact, the Easter Bunny didn't even bring baskets this year, but instead decided to borrow some of our bowls to use, knowing we didn't want to have to deal with packing one more thing. What a thoughtful Bunny. :) Thankfully the kids didn't seem to care. Carter was curious, but I pretty much gave him the same explanation on the baskets, so he was fine. haha.
The kids got up early to look at their baskets, and then after church we went over to our friends, the Smiths, house to do an Easter egg hunt. I've included pictures of the kids with their baskets, along with some pictures of the kids getting eggs. I love the last two pictures because our kids are so sweaty. Typical Galveston. Not going to miss that!
Oh yeah... I also included a random picture of some flamingoes!! We were driving in Galveston on a bridge, and Bo looked down and saw some "wild" flamingoes! Don't know how they got there, or where they came from, but those birds are definitely not native to the island, and yet they weren't in captivity. huh.

There was more candy than that in the bowl, but my kids had already devoured it.

There were still eggs all over to be found, but Meg just decided she had enough, and was too hot, so instead she just went over to the stairs and sat down. Cracks me up. That's more Bo's personalitly than mine! I would've been like Carter and just kept going!

Our Last Playgroup in Galveston

Here are some pictures from our last playgroup in Galveston. We love these friends and will miss them all very, very much!

Excuse our hair, it was a windy day!

Carter and Brampton

The girls!

Poor Cardston, surrounded by girls. Or should we say lucky Cardston?? ;)

This picture cracks me up! I love my kiddos.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

busy, busy.

Hey friends! Sorry for the long absence. We have been super busy.
We are currently in Washington, at my parents, which has super slow internet, hence no pictures. I keep trying to add pictures, but the browser keeps freezing up. grrr. sorry.
In the past two weeks we have packed, had Easter, packed some more, loaded up the moving truck, cleaned the apartment, Cassidy flew with the kids to Washington to drop Carter and Meg off with the Grandparents and then hopped an another flight to Indianapolis with just Derrick (all in the same day), Bo drove 18 hours straight from Galveston to Indy and met up with Cassidy and Derrick as they got off the plane, Cassidy and Bo and Derrick shopped for houses for 5 days, the Beus family signed their lives away on their first house, Bo and Cassidy and Derrick flew back to Washington, and NOW we are all together at the Baker house trying to get some rest.
Can you see what I mean when saying we've been busy?
I wish I had pictures for you. Well, I guess I should say I wish the computer would let us add pictures for you. I'll try again tomorrow. In the meantime, we hope you all are well, and we hope we've calmed those fears of yours that we've dropped off the planet. Okay, I doubt there were fears, but if there were, well then you are true friends. ;)
over and out.

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus