Friday, October 17, 2014

Bowling Fun and Scooter Time

Terra and I signed the kids up for free Summer bowling, so we just had to go at least once.  I apologize for some of the pictures.  The ones that are blurry were taken from my phone.  The kids had lots of fun bowling, and I wish I'd taken them more.  Behind the townhouses that we live in is an alley.  It is pretty much the parking lot for the cars, in between 2 rows of homes, so it's protected from the street.  This concrete oval is paradise for my children.  They absolutely love riding their bikes and scooters on it and beg almost every day to go out and play.  Don't worry, they are very good at running to a grassy area as soon as they see a car. This area behind the homes is pretty much the ultimate thing to living in the townhomes. :)

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