Saturday, March 29, 2014


I am in love with this baby!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Juat another day in Paradise

We put our house on the market last Wednesday and by Saturday we had 2 offers!  We accepted one and so today was the inspection. Since it was inspection day, i was busy running around getting the house all tidy. Anyways, at one point i was holding Perry while vacuuming and Derrick was hammering me with his toy hammer in the bum (he and megs were pretending to be bad guys) while Megs was shooting me with her toy gun, while wearing a mask, cowboy hat, and a hook on her other hand.  And all i could do with all this craziness was laugh and think, "it's just another day in Paradise. "
True story.  I love my kids!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Carter's Baptism

Carter turned EIGHT this year.  EIGHT!!!  Can I really be the parent of an 8 year old???  Crazy.
Since Carter was turning 8, that also meant that he was going to be getting baptized.  Again, crazy.
Bo's mom and my parents all flew over here to be with Carter and celebrate his baptism with him.  Isn't that wonderful?? I love that Carter got so much support.
So Carter's birthday was on a Friday, and his baptism was that Saturday, the 11th.  He shared his baptism with another little girl from our ward.  Because of a huge snow storm we had the Sunday before, Carter didn't have any school the whole week before his baptism, so that was great that he didn't have to go to school most of the time his grandparents were in town, and also no school on his birthday!
For his birthday, since I had my hands full with visitors, we decided to just take Carter and two friends to a bounce house place on his birthday.  Then that night we had cake with just the family. 
Carter's baptism was wonderful.  Carter was just glowing the whole time.  You could tell he was really soaking it all in and just trying his hardest to be reverent.  My darling boy.  I also loved watching Bo baptize Carter. What a wonderful Dad and example to me and the kids.
The rest of the grandparents trip (they all came for a week-Wednesday to Wednesday) was spent with trips to the zoo, eating yummy food, like Steak and Shake, and having a girls day where the grandmas, and Meg and I, got pedicures and lunch and did a little shopping.
It was a really fun trip, and the kids LOVED having so much Grandparent time.  I gotta admit, it was nice having more adults than kids. :)


As mentioned in the previous post, we have had tons and TONS of snow this winter.  I am not exaggerating AT ALL.  I'm really not. 
Below are some pics from our first serious snow storm.  This actually happened on Sunday and we had to have church cancelled.  This snow storm was so bad because after it snowed a foot! of snow, the temps dropped the rest of the week to the negative digits.  This snowfall caused the whole first week of school, after Christmas break, to be canceled.  That's right.  Carter had a 3 week Christmas break.
Anyways, the snow storm made for some snowball fights and snow man building fun.  Check out the size of the flakes! 
Note that I am not in the pics. I was too big too fit into snow clothes.  hahaa.  Plus I was super clumsy with this pregnancy, and I didn't want to risk anything.

Bounce house fun

I still claim, a year later, that this bounce house is the greatest idea ever!!!!
Seriously, this thing has saved my kids, from themselves and me, from boredom, energy releases, and beatings.  haha.
This winter in Indianapolis has been record breaking, REALLY, in snowfall and low temperatures, and has resulted in 6 snow days, along with multiple 2 hour delays and even early releases from school.  Yes, it's been THAT BAD.  But this bounce house has been our saving grace.  It's our true and faithful friend.  We're considering naming it and adding it to the family.
Enjoy the pics from our crazy adventures on the bounce house!

Christmas 2014!!!

Once again, despite Bo's and my threats to the contrary, Santa came to the Beus household!  And once again, despite Bo's and my plans and pacts, Santa spoiled the kids a little too much.
They might have been spoiled because of the stellar deals Mrs. Claus found while shopping, or maybe because Santa knew Bo was going to be working Christmas afternoon and that Cassidy would need SOMETHING to keep her kids happy and busy that day.  Or maybe it's because my kids are just so dang cute, and despite their crazy can't-believe-it's-Christmas-season behavior, they really are good kids.  Whatever the reason, they definitely had a good Christmas.  Why, when I was a kid..... just kidding.
Meg's highlight toys were her doll, tea set, and scooter.  Carter's was the Ninjago Four Headed Dragon Lego set.  Derrick's was the chocolate.  That kid plowed through his candy within the first 5 minutes.  No joke. He took the looooooongest time to open his presents because all he wanted to do was just sit by Bo and eat candy. :) My gifts to Bo were lame, but I blame it on the pregnancy.  His gifts to me were great, but he says they were lame and he blames it on my pregnancy. :)  Pregnancy is worth it just for all the things you can use it as an excuse for! :) 
Anyways, it was a fun day.  The kids were happy, Bo and I were happy, and the love in our home was just great, and not because of the gifts, but because of the season and the wonderful reminder that Christmas is truly about our wonderful Savior, his life, and the miracle of his birth.
Now on to making lists and pacts for next year!

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus