Monday, August 31, 2009

Libby's Wedding

The whole reason I went back to Washington a few weeks ago was to attend my little sister's wedding. It was a way tiring but super fun weekend. I was able to see tons of family that I hadn't seen in quite some time, and lets face it, no one is more fun than family. The only downer of the weekend, besides the exhaustion, was the fact that Bo wasn't there. I really could've used his help!
The day started off bright and early with me going and watching Lib get her hair done by our cousin, Ann. After that is was off to rushing home and getting the kiddos ready to go. When sharing the house with a bazillion people, life can get hectic. Shockingly we made it to the wedding on time. The wedding was beautiful, with my dad being the Sealer. After that it was pictures, pictures, pictures. All of the neices and nephews (all Libby's--- or now David's too I guess) were matching. The girls had darling flower girl dresses, while the boys looked smashing in white shirts and purple ties. Too cute! I was the maid of honor/bridesmaid. All the bridesmaids wore black dresses. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of us bridesmaids do to the fact that I was busy being IN the pictures. Oh well. Anyways, after pictures it was off to Olive Garden for lunch, then home to get ready for the reception. The reception was in my Uncle's back yard and it was GORGEOUS. So pretty. The reception went great, with me bailing a little early (try 9 pm!) to go put my kids to bed. That was it. That was the day. Like I said, so fun but way tiring!!
Anyways, it was fun, and we are really happy to have David in the family. Liberty looked gorgeous, the day went really smoothly, and the weather was wonderful. It was the perfect day for a wedding.
Here are some pictures of the day. Please excuse some of the crooked shots, those are from our very own Carter. He's thinking of going professional. What do you think? Sadly I am now realizing I don't have ONE PICTURE of the happy couple. Not one has David in it. Sorry man!! It was not done on purpose, I promise.

Some of the granddaughters with Grandpa. Isadora, Rebekah, Megan.
Libby and Ann

My cousin Jordan with Meg. Isn't she darling?!?

My dad with the kids

Libby with Emree, my cousin Danielle's cute girl. The guy on the side is not David. That would be my Danielle's husband, Tyler.
Libby's dress. So pretty. One of Carter's shots.

Carter's shot of the bridesmaids. Well at least you know what our feet looked like.

The Columbia River Temple

Saturday, August 29, 2009


You know when you have so much to do, and you don't want to do any of it, so instead of just getting up and doing it, you don't, making each day harder? Yeah that's been me. I have not had it in me to do ANYTHING. Cleaning, nope. Cooking, nope (HA!). Even getting up in the morning, or socializing with anyone, has been hard.
I have so many blogs to do, and yet I don't do them, making it just that much harder to do it the next day. Well not anymore!! I'm going to get back in the gist (sp?) of things. That's right people. Shocking, I know.
To start off, I'm going to just put in some random pictures that I took the last part of July, right before leaving to Washington. They are just shots of our day to day activities, ending with Carter holding on to Bo for dear life, begging him not to go to "work." That's pretty much what Carter and I do every morning before Bo leaves. You'll also be able to tell that yes, we are still very much into the whole pirate phase.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Out and About

Sorry for the lack of posting and commenting.
I am in WASHINGTON (again) for my little sister's wedding
YAY LIBBY!!! (and David)
Ohhhhh the weather feels SOOOOOOOO nice here. L.O.V.E. it!

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus