Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tender mercies.

My heart is full, and God cares very much for me. Tonight I was feeling very overwhelmed with the kids, dinner making, and the mess that surrounded me. Bo was gone and I was trying to postpone dinner as long as possible in the hopes he could make it in time and we could all eat together. The kids were hungry though, and begging/crying for items in the pantry. So I got dinner finished up, got the kids and food at the table. The only thing not on the table was water, and it was because I was just so gosh darn tired and beaten down and ready to SIT. So we said prayer and started eating, and I waited for one of them to cry for a drink, while silently hoping no one would notice. You see, at the end of the day I am just so darn tired of asking and debating and fighting for help. So there I sat. And then, THEN, I noticed Carter get up and leave the room. Minutes later he returned with cups of water for everyone. And that right there was proof that my savior loves me by providing such a simple act through my son and that as crazy as that now TEN ( happy birthday to him today) year old boy is, he is also a sweet, caring, wonderful, and selfless little boy. And so my heart is full. 

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus