Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Day With Derrick!

On Tuesday last week, my mom called asking for some company. Bo had a string of days off, so I had the next day free to go and help and hang out with her.  I felt bad leaving Bo with both Perry and Derrick, so I decided to take Derrick with me.  I am so glad I did!!!  He was an absolute joy.  Seriously.  This day was one of my favorites. 
Derrick and I got to my mom's around 11.  The whole way there Derrick was just a happy fellow.  He sang, chatted, watched a little bit of a movie, but mostly just watched the scenery.  When we got to my moms, I started helping my mom paint, and Derrick got out the Lincoln Logs and got to work himself.  He hummed, he sang, and the best yet, he had conversations with the toys.  My mom and I would chat, but mostly we just listened to Derrick and laughed.  Derrick, "Oh don't do that (talking to himself with the farm animals in the barn he made with the logs), go say you're sorry. If you say you're sorry, I'll give you one of these.  (in another voice) Really?  Is there one for all of us? (back to first voice) Yes, there are, and I will share them with you."   I mean seriously!  How cute is he???
Derrick also went out and checked out my dad's MASSIVE pumpkins in the garden.  When my mom and I were done painting we all went out and checked out the super pregnant goat (which just had her babies (2) yesterday), gathered eggs, and watched/pushed Derrick on the tire swing.  Then we went to dinner, and after that to see my dad at the potato cellar, since Harvest had just started.  I got to show Derrick all the happenings (sort of) of what happens to potatoes once they leave the field.  And all through it all Derrick was a joy.  A dream.  He was charming.  I feel like his personality really had a chance to shine.  With no siblings and no distractions, he was able to just be carefree and let the creativity just come out. 
I went to my mom's house that day, expecting to have a fun day with my mom, and while I did have that, I left with having had a MARVELOUS and memory making time with my son. 

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus