Saturday, February 28, 2015

Perry turns ONE!!

Our little Perry turned ONE!  Ahhhh, time flies so fast!! 
Sorry Perry, but your first birthday was kinda lame.  Really lame, actually.  You didn't even get a cake.  You did get sung to, but it was a pitiful attempt. 
If you can't tell from the pictures, Both Megan and Carter are lying on towels on the couch with a throw up bowl each.  See, what happened was that the night before your birthday, you threw up.  A lot.  And you threw up a lot the next day, your birthday.  You were one sick little boy.  Then, once you got better, I was about to go to the store and get a cake, when Megs and Carter got sick.  And then they were sick for days.  We decided to go ahead and let you open your gift, which didn't even get wrapped due to Mommy and Daddy being sick, but didn't get a cake.  You're appetite wasn't back and none of us could eat. 
And after everyone got better, Derrick got sick with this weird rash, and then...then it was just too late.  So you didn't get a cake.  Sorry.
But you did get a ride on car, which you loved.  And since you didn't know better about the cake, you didn't care. 
Perry, you make our family happy.  You are the most loved baby ever.  You make us smile with everything you do.  It has been an absolute joy having you in our lives.  We love you so much!!!!

February Picture Catch Up

Better late than never, right? 
Here are most of February's pictures.  All but the birthdays, which should be separate, so Derrick and Perry know that they are special. ;)
February was full of cousins, sickness, basketball, the play at school, and living the good, carefree life.
Perry continued to grow and develop.  Too fast, if you ask me.  He learned to use props to reach higher, and that the fridge is the ultimate place to be. 
The whole family but Derrick got sick with the flu.  It was BAD.  Golden came to Washington for the State Wrestling Tournament, and because the kids were sick, only I was able to go to Seattle to visit Golden and watch the tournament.  And I was so sick the whole time.  Like on non stop anti nausea, anti diarrhea, ibuprofen, AND Tylenol pills kind of sick. BUT I had fun seeing my family! 
After we were all sick, Derrick got a weird rash all over his body.  Really freaked me and Bo out.  And by freaked, I mean I was way nervous, and Bo just calmly dealt with it.  hahaa. 
Carter and Megan participated in the school play, The Jungle Book, put on by the Missoula Children's Theater.  It was so fun having them be in it.  They loved it.  Meg was a monkey and Carter was part of the Snake.
And that was February! Now to find time to do March...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Derrick!!

Derrick turned FOUR on Saturday. FOUR!!!  
Miraculously, he was a happy boy on his birthday. I say this because the whole week leading up to this day, whenever anyone would mention derricks upcoming day, he would get super grumpy and say"No birthday!"  
I'm guessing it was the presents and cake that made him realize that he wanted to have a birthday. 
Derrick asked for a super hero cake, so I went all out and made FOUR. I'm pretty proud of my work :). Derrick also chose to go to a local trampoline jumping place for his birthday instead of Chuck E Cheese *gasp*. 
He had such a good day that by the end of the day he was declaring his love for birthdays. Success!
Derrick boy, we love you so much. You make our hearts full. 


The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus