Thursday, January 29, 2009

Your Opinion

So I want to get a haircut. I'm thinking this:

What do you think??? It's the girl from Sugarland's hair, not the guy's haha.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

For Sam

This post is in response to my friend Sam's blog. In her blog she posted about her twins secret stashes in the house. Sam, this is one of Carter's. If I try cleaning it out, he throws the biggest tantrum. Funny kid.

This stash happens to be in one of my kitchen cupboards. You can see two pirate hats, a soccer ball, a sword, a pirate telescope, and a dinosaur.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Zoo Time!!

So we got a call from some friends this morning telling us that the Zoo was free today and wanting to know if we wanted to go with them. Of course we jumped on the idea! It was such a perfect day too!!!
Our friends, the Smiths, have a little boy, Milo, who is Carter's age and they get along so well.. . . not to mention we LOVE Brad and Karrie. . . but those boys are so funny together. Anyways, we always have such fun when we hang out, so it was great to go spend some time with them at the zoo.
The weather was perfect too. It was sunny and in the mid 70's. Oh it was a fabulous day to be out. The zoo was kinda crowded (an understatement (edited by Bo)), go figure with free admission, but that didn't faze us too much. We saw almost everything there was to see. The only thing we missed out on was the birds, but after spending like 5 hours there, we were just too tired to go walking all the way across the park to go see them. eh.
Favorites of the day? To be honest I didn't see much because I pushed Meg around in the stroller and it was just too busy to get the stroller up to the front. I loved the monkeys though, I think they are so fun to watch. Really my favorite was watching the boys. They were funny. I think Carter's favorite was throwing bread into the fish pond and watching the Carp eat them. He loved everything though and after about 10 min. in the car on the way home he was asking to go back again. I think Meg just loved being out and about, and Bo says his favorite thing was the giant Pythons.
It was a great way to spend Martin Luther King day. Family, Friends, and Fun. Who could ask for more??? Thanks Brad, Karrie, and Milo!!
Carter, Milo, and some random girl, in a tunnel that goes through an Aquarium.

The gang, excluding yours truly. Poor Megan, you can't even see her.

Carter and Milo were so funny. They would chase each other around and play fight and all sorts of things. Here they are holding hands. awww.
Carter going down the slide at the Otter station

Carter and Milo in a Hermit Crab shell--sort of
Here are the boys in a tunnel at the Prairie Dog Exhibit. I love that Brad is there in the background. haha.


We have way too much fun at our house!
Let it be known that Carter put this on himself.

Double the fun!

So Carter and Megan were both due for checkups this month, so we thought we might as well have their appointments back to back and get it over with. It actually wasn't that bad.
Meg had her four month checkup. She hated the shots, of course, but calmed down soon enough. Other than that she was great!! She weighed in at 17 lbs. 10 oz. which basically puts her off the charts!!! That's right . . . almost 18 lbs!! We are so proud!! We love it. She is also 25 in. in height, which is in the 75 percentile. My baby is big!
Carter had his 3 year checkup and weighed in at 32 lbs. which is in the 60th percentile, and he was 27 in. in height,which is about the 25th percentile. He took his shots like a champ! He only flinched a little on the SECOND shot. I'm telling you, he is one tough kid. Why I'm surprised I don't know. We're talking about a kid who never let on that he had a broken hand last year.
The appointments went smoothly, although it took forever to get done with. Their appointments were set for 10:15 and we didn't get out till 12. Man. I was glad I had Bo with me.
The only setback from the whole experience was that for about half of the next day Carter could hardly walk on his leg, the poor kiddo. For most of the morning he made us carry him around. It was heart breaking. Of course by the afternoon he was back to jumping all over the place, so we aren't too concerned anymore.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Birthday Boy

Carter celebrated his third birthday yesterday. Yep, my baby boy is now three years old. Man time flies.
For his birthday we threw him a Pirate birthday party. Oh he has been looking forward to it for forever. He was sooo excited. It was supposed to be at a park, but since the day ended up being rainey and windy, we decided last minute to have it at our apartment.
The party was great, at least I thought so anyway. The kids all played for awhile and then we had them paint treasure chests that we had found at a craft store. After the painting they played for a little longer and then it was cake and present time!
We had all the kids sit on the floor for the cake and presents, and while I brought the cake out, we sang to Carter. The funny part was that Carter had no idea we were singing to him and that I was bringing out a cake, so for half of the song, everyone was pointing at me and trying to get him to turn around. He finally did and then he got all excited and hopped up to look at his cake.
With the help of all his little friends, he was able to get his candles blown out. :) Carter then opened up his gifts from his friends and then we had cake! He was pretty spoiled. He got another pirate boat, a book and game, candy, transformers, cars, and a kite. He is love with each and every toy. So did his friends. :) They hurried and ate their cake and then ran off to play some more. I might add that halfway through eating his cake, Carter decided to ditch the fork and eat the cake on his belly with no hands. Yeah, he totally just dug in. His friends thought that was great and joined in later too. Man my floor was sticky. It was pretty funny though, watching them basically act like dogs as they licked up their plates.
So Carter had a great day. Donuts for breakfast, presents from us, noodles (he loves noodles) for lunch, a party, and then panini's and candy for dinner. Who could ask for more?
I might add that Carter's party consisted of 3 boys, not including him, and one girl. Carter does have other friends that are girls, unfortunately all are now gone because of the hurricane. Not dead gone, just moved. ha.

Even Elmo is participating in the birthday extravaganza.
Carter's presents from Mom and Dad that he opened earlier.

Here is my attempt to make a treasure map on the cake. haha. Like my fish? So sad. . . .

Brampton and Cardston. Cardston is the one sporting the eye patch! Yo ho ho.

The boys playing in Carter's room. Arrr Matey.

The boys gathered around for the present opening. Kerry (sp?), the one girl, is up on a chair with her mom. I think the boys kind of intimidated her.

Eating the cake. Carter's face was covered in frosting at the end.

Megan really had a good time at the party! hahaha. She's with our friend Mike in this picture.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Note Worthy Things

I have forgotten to post these items, my bad. . . I know. Anyways, here they are:

1. We had our five year anniversary on the 27th of December! Five years! It's crazy how fast time flies. I love my husband. He is just so perfect for me. We balance each other out so well. I had my brother make him these fancy shmancy pens out of wood, which of course Bo doesn't want to use because he doesn't want to ruin them. I'm still trying to get him to use them. huh. I tried. Bo attempted to get me flowers but since the power was out for a couple of hours that night, none of the stores were open. We had decided to have a simple anniversary because we were going to Sea World the next week and we'd already gone on a date the week before.

2. Bo had his birthday on Jan. 4th! He is now 28 years old. Crazy crazy. I can't believe we are both closer to 30 then 20. Kinda sad. If I do say so, I think he looks like one hot 28 year old. I love this man.
Bo got a cordless drill. Exciting, I know. He also got Tom Petty's Greatest Hits.

3. My baby is 4 months old today. I can't believe it's been four months, and yet, thanks to the hurricane, it feels like it's been so much longer. Funny how that works. My baby is getting old! Okay I know she's only 4 mo., but pretty soon it'll be 6 mo., and then a year.. . . *sigh* Megan is a wonderful baby. She is so funny. She's discovered her voice and loves to hear herself squeal. She can be loud too. Oh I love this stage. She also loves to put things in her mouth. She's just now trying to figure out her hands and how to kinda grab things. If something touches her hand she'll immediately grab it and usually try putting it in her mouth. She's also turned into quite the thumb/hand sucker. She makes me laugh. I love her.

4. My other baby turns 3 this week. Carter will be 3 on Saturday. THREE!!!! Yikes. Wow. I'm kinda sad. I'll let you know how the party goes. He's having a pirate birthday party and is soooo excited.

5. I'm worried that Meg is sick. She kinda felt hot this morning but I was too busy to take her temperature. She's been sleeping for the last 4 hours. Very unlike her. She has hardly eaten anything this morning. She didn't do well with what she ate last night. I'm very worried. Sick babies make me sad. I hope she's okay. I'm one of those mom's who stresses and worries A TON. I just read a friend's blog, Korbi, and she found out her baby had RSV. Now of course I'm wiggin' out that my baby could have that. Or the croup (seems like everyone has had that lately), or something worse. Simmer down, Cass.

That's all. Those are my comments. Out.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sea World!!

So as mentioned before, Bo's Christmas present to me was a shopping trip to San Marcos, TX, which is right next to San Antonio. We left on Monday, the 29th of Dec., and stayed in San Marcos overnight. Bo and Carter tried having fun in the hotel room while I shopped and shopped! Party!

The next day we shopped till early afternoon and then drove over to San Antonio, where we had reserved a hotel for two nights right by Sea World. That's right. . . SEA WORLD!! We had figured earlier in the month, that if we weren't going to home for Christmas, then we needed to do something fun, you know, since Christmas obviously isn't enough. :) right. Anyways, we figured, why not? So on the 31st, New Years Eve, we went to Sea World, and let me just tell you that it was F U N. We loved it! We definitely need to go again before we leave Texas, who knows when that will be. . .

Highlights of Sea World were the Dolphin Show, it was amazing, and touching a dolphin. That's right friends, I TOUCHED a DOLPHIN!! I can die happy now. We got to the park at 10, when it opened, and went straight to this little roller coaster ride for Carter. Then we went to the Sea Lion show, which was hilarious. It was soooo funny. They even had the walrus do sit ups at the end. Oh we laughed hard. After that we went on the roller coaster more and then headed over to the Dolphin Show. Seriously, the show really was the highlight of the day. It was sooooo cool. They had divers doing crazy dives from all sorts of heights and even swings, synchronized swimmers, acrobats, and of course the dolphins doing awesome stunts. WOW.

After the Dolphin Show, we went and checked out the alligators and turtles and ate lunch. I might mention that Megan was sleeping THE WHOLE TIME. She probably slept from about 11 to 3:30. It was great to be able just enjoy the day and not worry about her. After lunch we then walked around the park and found a log ride that they would let Carter go on. That was fun. The best part was that we didn't even get wet! We then went and looked at the rest of the park and saw saw some flamingos and ducks, and well actually there might have been more, but that's when Meg woke up and decided she was hungry.

After feeding her we went and saw the dolphins, where we were able to feed them fish. We tried touching them, but they wouldn't come close enough for that. Still way cool though. After that we hurried over and watched the Shamu Show. That was a really neat show. Not as entertaining as the dolphin one, but still way cool. Shamu did this awesome flip along with some other stunts.
When that show was over, it was like a half hour till the park closed, so we rushed back over to the Dolphin Cove to go see the dolphins one more time. Bo bought me some fish (he fed them the first time) and I was able to feed them and that is when I got the opportunity to touch them. I probably fed all my fish to that dolphin in under 2 min. I couldn't help it! It would pat my hand begging for more fish, and of course I had to give in! Luckily the dolphin still stuck around when the fish were gone to let Bo get a chance to touch it too.

So anyways, after that it was time to go back to hotel. We went back and had dinner and watched TV and then crashed at like 10. That's right friends. We didn't stay up till midnight. We were just too tired. Party poopers big time. Oh well. We had a good time sleeping! Happy New Year!

So that was our trip. It was exhausting but oh so fun. Carter was so tired. I was so tired. We all were. ha. I might mention that the hotels both had indoor pools and hot tubs, so we had a blast swimming too. Good times.

Carter and Bo on the roller coaster. They are third row back.
Carter waiting for the Dolphin Show to start.

Carter and Me on the log ride.
Bo and Carter.

Carter loved Sea World. I might add that he thinks that Shamu is a "naughty dolphin" because he thinks Shamu has a grumpy face. Which to a 2 year old I guess is how the black and white on its face might look.

Bo and Carter feeding the dolphins.

If you look closely you can see the instructor diving off of Shamu.

I'm touching a dolphin!!!

Megan's just chillin' after a long day.

I love this picture. It looks like its just me on this little kid roller coaster. Ha. I promise Carter was right next to me.

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus