Friday, October 17, 2014

My Birthday Breakfast

My kids are wonderful.  Amazing.  Funny and thoughtful.  Bo had to work on my birthday, which left me with the kids and a new area and no friends.  I was a little sad to start with, but my kids turned my mood around fast!  It started off like any other morning, me making them breakfast and then going upstairs to get ready.  However, while I was upstairs, Megan told me to "stay there" for like 15 minutes, and the kids all escorted me downstairs.  What I found downstairs seriously made my day.  The kids had made me breakfast!!  They had banana bread on the table, strawberries that they had WASHED and TRIMMED and put in a bowl, and cherry tomatoes which they had arranged in a smiley face on a plate. :)  They also gave me the You Are Special plate.  Darling.  All of it. And the look on their faces!  They were just so proud of themselves.  Rightfully so.!  After that, while I was nursing Perry on the couch, we turned on music and they danced for me.  It was pretty stellar. 
I love my kids.  I love being a mom.  Sure it can be hard, but moments like this make it so worth it.  Thank you, my lovely kids, for picking me as your mom. Thanks for being such wonderful children.  We may drive each other crazy sometimes, we may fight other times, but I am always so happy to be your mom and love you with all my heart. 

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Amy Marie said...

This made my day. Your kids are amazing and I'm so glad you felt special on your birthday because you ARE!

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