Thursday, February 28, 2013


I just want to remember these things.

Carter was the Star Student a few weeks back for his school.  We are quite proud of him over here.  He had to be recommended by his teacher, and then approved by the principle.  The certificate has been on display at the school and then most lately it has hung very proudly on our fridge.  Way to go Carter!!! 

Carter came home from school yesterday telling me that the bus driver gave out new seating assignments on the bus that day.  Now, instead of sitting by his friend Kevin, he sits by a girl.  I asked him if this was okay, and he said, "Yeah, but don't ask me what she smells like."  Me, puzzled and then thinking maybe she smelled bad, asked "Why?  What does she smell like?"  His response, in an undertone, "Good," then louder, "But I'M not going to tell her that!!"  I got a good laugh out of that.  I then asked him how old she was.  He said she was in third grade ( Carter is in first).  PHEW.  :)

Tonight the kids were playing in the bathtub.  Bo was sitting in chair watching them and playing on his ipad.  I was lying on the bed listening to them and reading a book.  Eventually Carter got out and dried himself off and got dressed.  Megan followed soon after.  I asked if Derrick was still in the bath, and Bo responded yes, so I went about reading, assuming Bo would get Derrick out.  A few minutes later Bo brought my attention to the floor, where Carter was drying Derrick off with a towel and dressing Derrick.  It took a few minutes of shock and questions to realize that CARTER had gotten Derrick out of the bath.  Not only that but Carter also put a diaper on Derrick!!!  Sure the diaper was on backwards, but still!!  This was definitely a first around here.  I then watched in stunned silence as Carter put footy pajamas on Derrick, stood him up to get his arms in, and heard him say, "Derrick, where'd your hand go??  There it is!" Just like I say when I put their pajamas on and play peek a boo with their hands.  I'm one proud Mama.  What an awesome kid!  ps...Bo took the diaper off before Derrick was fully dressed and showed Carter the correct way to put it on, so no, Derrick still doesn't have his diaper on backwards.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Carter's Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

Carter had the best birthday party ever at Chuck E Cheese.  His words. :)  We invited a few of his friends to come join us to celebrate there, and it seriously was a huge hit.  I got the birthday package for Carter, which meant food, tokens, and entertainment that I didn't have to do myself.  Best idea ever!  I didn't have to serve the boys, they did.  I didn't have to set it up, they did.  I didn't even have to light the candle on the , er, cookie, they did!  LOVE. 
Carter and his friends played for a good hour, then they sat down to eat pizza and visit with Chuck E.  After that Carter opened his presents, which he thought were awesome, and then it was the highlight of the night, the TICKET BLASTER!  They put some goggles on Carter and stuck him in a booth that blew tickets all around him and he tried his hardest to get as many as he could.  It was hilarious to watch.  His goggles would keep slipping down, making it hard to catch tickets, and it was funny watching him try to focus.
After the ticket blaster, I still had tons of tokens left over, so I sent the boys out to go play some more, and even after a 2 hour party, I still had tokens left over.  Guess we'll just have to go again. :)
After the party, and even the next few days, you could hear Carter telling me or Bo that "Chuck E Cheese really is where a kid can be a kid."  hahahaaa.  I love that boy.

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus