Friday, August 31, 2007

Sleep Deprivation

I don't know what is going on, but Carter has not been sleeping well. It's killing me! I used to long for him to sleep in till 8:30, then a month ago I longed for him to sleep in till 7:30. Last week it was me longing for 6:30, and yesterday, oh what I wouldn't have given for him to sleep in till 6 a.m.!!!! I'm soooooo tired. Bo let me sleep in till 7 this morning. He got up with Carter. I feel guilty, since I knew I should get up and play with Carter so that Bo could get ready for school and study, but I was too selfish. Is that bad??? I could use tips from anyone and everyone on what to do. He's going to bed at 8 at night. If I put him to bed later, he still wakes up early. I'm wondering if he should go to one nap a day, or if maybe he's teething. I don't know, but the sleep deprivation makes him whiney and me grumpy and impatient. It makes me feel like I'm a horrible parent to have those feelings too. I hope he gets over this soon.

I should take naps when he does, but I'm caught up in reading the Twilight series. . . again. I bought Eclipse (the third one) a week and a half ago and read through it quickly. Of course I hadn't read the first two for awhile, so I felt that I should read all three of them again. I'm just about done with the second one. They are good books. I'm a hopeless romantic and I love cheesy girly books. What can I say?? They are good. If you haven't read them, do it! I got hooked on them through my friend Linds. Apparently her second cousin is the author. I had no idea the books were so well known, but apparently they are a big hit.

I have friends!! I've been hanging out with some other girls in my ward and it's been great! The ward has lots of young couples and they are all really nice. It's been fun meeting them. One friend, Stephanie, has a little boy a couple months younger then Carter and her husband is a first year med student too. She's been a life saver. We've gone swimming, to the aquarium, to the library, and if I can talk her into it, hopefully we'll go to Sam's today. It's such a relief to make friends and have someone to help you kill time till your husband gets home. Well that's all for right now. I need to write more often so that my entries aren't so long. I'm really starting to like Galveston. The ocean is soooo cool! It's fun to look out and see the swimmers, and in the distance (way distant) the huge ships. I've heard you can even see dolphins every once in awhile. I can't wait! Oh yeah, and at Stephanie's apt. there is a lake that has turtles in it!!! How cool is that! Yeah, I'm starting to get comfortable here. Go team go.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Galveston, Tx

So we're here, and man is it HOT!!! No seriously, it's HOT! When we got here two weeks ago, they were having record highs here. They were saying that Galveston and Houston both had records. Galveston hadn't had a new heat record since 1920. It was 99 degrees. Now that doesn't sound that bad, in ML it can get in the hundreds, but they said that the 99 with the humidity actually made the temp. around 115!! Seriously, my body can't handle it. We are melting. We live on the third floor. You can only imagine how bad it was moving. There was an elevator, but it was like a sauna, more so than outside, in there. Needless to say, when we were done, we looked like we had just gotten out of the shower with our clothes on. It is so hot! Guys, I don't know how I'm going to be able to handle 4 years here! They say it's only this bad like this in July, Aug, and Sept., but I don't know. . . Humidity is a killer.
So we're all moved in. I love my apartment. New paint, new carpet, new wood floors, a balcony, and the best news ever. . . so far not that many bugs!!! I'm not that skilled in decorating, but I'm pleased with my progress. We have a two bedroom apt. and a HUGE walk-in closet. Love it! We have a spare twin bed and now a futon, thanks to Whitney, so anyone and everyone is welcome to visit!
You might have noticed they news talking about Hurricane Dean. For a good couple of days, there were announcments on the freeways and news about the hurricane possibly coming here and to get your gas can full. Bo and I went to Walmart and got an emergency evacuation kit together. It's got flashlights, a radio, panchos, food, diapers, first aid kit,. . . well tons of stuff. It's all ready to go in a little suitcase so that we can just grab it and go and the first notice. I live in the land of hurricanes. It's scary, I'll be honest. We have tons of spare water in our apt, so that in case we do get stuck on the island, we'll be okay, and luckily since we are on the third floor we don't have to worry about flooding. The hurricane missed us, it went to Mexico, but it's still early in the season. There was a little tropical storm last weekend and it brought in some fun waves. I really want to go down and go body surfing. We'll see. Carter doesn't like the ocean much. We're going to have to warm him up.
Well I don't want to talk long, I know it's probably too much and overwhelming for everyone besides myself. :) I just want to end that Bo starts Med school next week. YAY BO! He had his white coat ceremony on Monday. I was sooo proud of him, and he looks so cute! We went to a party for his class at the Yacht club yesterday and that was really fun. I've never been to a Yacht club before. Anyways, I hope this isn't too much. Sorry for being delayed at writing. I'll write more and keep my blog updated on the storms and how we're handling it. And as an FYI for those of you who don't know where Galveston is, it's a little Island south of Houston on the Gulf of Mexico.

Here are some pics!

Man he's cute!

Here's the view from our balcony. past the buildings in the top right corner is the ocean.

He might not like the ocean, but he loves swimming in the pool. He put these on himself and was walking around. It was funny.

Monday, August 6, 2007

What the heck?!!!!

DAH!!! Can I just say how frustrated I am? Is it too late to change your child's name?? Seriously! Before I had Carter, I had only heard of one other kid named Carter, and it was a baby that was born while I was pregnant and already planning the name for my own child. Now, everywhere I turn I'm either meeting a new Carter, or someone I know is naming their child Carter or has a sibling or friend who is. Chad Platt and his wife just had their baby and they named him Carter. They knew, KNEW, my son's name was that. AHHH! I do not want my child to be a Sara or a Jessica, or Nick or whatever! I don't want people saying, "Hey Carter B." What can I do though? The damage has been done. The thing is, I look at my kid, and he just IS a Carter. What else was I supposed to name him? His name is perfect for him. I guess I can't blame everyone else for using it, but still, I'm entitled to be a tad frustrated, yeah?? So there you have it.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Being a Parent

So I was on the phone with a friend today, and we were both talking about growing up and our parents. I knew my parents had some quirks about the way they raised me, but I thought that it was just my parents. Then talking to this friend, she revealed some of HER parents' quirks, and I don't know, it just dawned on me, that hey, if both of are parents aren't normal, how many are? Seriously! Now I know we all love our parents, and obviously they did a good job (well at least on me :) ) but still, we can't deny the craziness of their lives and the inpact on ours. ANYWAYS, my point is, why am I feeling so stressed about being the perfect parent, or a normal parent??????? No one else is, why should I???? I think I'm going to relax on this whole parent thing, and just enjoy it. I can't believe how fast Carter is growing, in every aspect. If I worried about all of these ridiculous things that I need to teach Carter and so forth, when would have time to breath?, much less have fun?? I want to enjoy my kids. Now of course I'm still going to try and be a good parent, I'm going to try and teach him in the things that I feel he should learn, but I think I'm going to chill out and just realize that since my kids are still going to think I'm crazy at the end of the road, then why not have fun while doing it. That's my two cents.
In other news, we take off today to go to Seattle. We are officially leaving Moses Lake. Of course we'll be back for Christmas, but we're done for the summer. I'm excited to go to Seattle! I'm hoping to go shopping for some shorts for Carter and some jean capri's for me. Bo and I are going on a double date with Ivin and Christina tomorrow night. We're going to the Bourne Ultimatum. We're really excited. We love the Bourne series. The books are even better, I recommend them to everyone. Anyways. . . on Monday I'm getting my hair highlighted. Yay for highlights! Yay for blondes! When I get highlights I always feel so much more alive, you know? I feel fun and exciting. It's a sure fire way of getting a boost in self esteem. Look at me. I just said sure fire. MAN!!! I guess you can't take the farm out of the girl eh? SO. . . we fly out on Tuesday, and are moving in on Wednesday. I probably won't be blogging for a week because of unpacking. We'll see. Hope everyone's having fun, and just so you know, I do read your comments, so thanks for them!!!

The Beus Gang

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