Sunday, February 24, 2008

Extra pictures

Here are some pictures that I thought were cute but never posted. This one was actually taken today. Carter and I are just chillin'. We're eating crackers and cheese and singing Old MacDonald with Baby Einstein.

I just love Carter's face.

This last picture was taken just after we got Carter his new chair. He loves his chair and is super protective of it. If he sees another kid eyeing it, he'll run over and try and hide it or he'll just sit on it. Crazy kid. Think he needs to learn how to share?

Just like Dad

I was shopping at Old Navy a few weeks ago and bought Carter a couple of new Sunday shirts. One of them was just your regular white button up Sunday shirt. I've been wanting Carter to wear it for forever, but I didn't have a tie or vest or anything to go with it.
Last night I had to go to the youth dance last minute, which is held in another town, so while there, I hurried and ditched the dance for an hour and ran over to the mall nearby and ran into Children's Place and got him a couple of ties. Doesn't he look sooooo cute??

I thought he would want to ditch the tie as soon as it was put around his neck, but he loved it! He thought he looked just like Dad. Bo said he would go around pointing to both of their ties saying "two!!" (I was at ward council, so Bo dressed him) He was pretty happy and kept the tie on the whole time at church. That's my little boy!

Still a kid at heart

So last week when I was watching my friend's two little boys, they were playing with Carter's rubber lizard and somehow got it stuck to the ceiling. We got it down, Bo and I, and told them that they needed to be careful because it's Carter's favorite toy, yada yada. Anyways, Bo, as soon as they left, went over to the lizard, exclaiming how cool it was that it got stuck to the ceiling, and proceeded to try and throw it up on the ceiling to get it stuck again. Seriously! How old is he???? He eventually got it up and was sooooo excited. He wouldn't let us take it down, but instead wanted to keep it up so we could see how long it would stick. I think it stayed up for more then 24 hours. He was so happy it was up when he got up in the morning.

I love my husband. I'm glad he still gets a kick out of something that a 2 year old would. ha.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Only one :)

So I had a Dr.'s appointment yesterday, which I've been way looking forward to because I'd finally get to hear the baby's heart beat! It just doesn't seem real till you hear it. I had to take Carter with me because of it being nap time and I was not about to leave him at a friends while he was tired and their kids were sleeping. He actually did quite well!
While at the doctor's I got to have an ultrasound! I was way excited about this. I had no clue they were going to do one. I LOVE ultrasounds. It was so cool seeing the baby. Carter came around and sat on my chest while they did it, so he got to see the baby too. I'm only having one. :) Carter was super cute about the baby. We pointed out the baby to him, and he was waving to it and saying "hi baby.' Seriously, my kid is the cutest thing ever. We got a little prinout of the ultrasound too, and Carter wouldn't let it out of his grip the rest of the afternoon. The paper's a little crumpled now, but it's still in one piece. I'd scan it if I had a scanner. He (I'm used to calling the baby a he because Carter was a he) /she has a cute little body with two arms and two legs. phew. All things good so far. The Doctor did say that the baby was big for the age, so go team! Maybe later they'll up my due date. :)
So yesterday was fun. It's been a tiring week. I've been watching kids the first half of the week, and the last half I've been just trying to get my life back in order. I'm not doing too well yet. Close though. So there's my good news. I'm super excited now, and I swear my stomach's gotten bigger. Of course no one else can tell, except Bo, but still. My theory is, if you're going to be pregnant, might as well show. That's the fun part to me. I'm excited and no one else is because they can't see that I am. Of course, if I really had my way this would also mean no stretch marks. *sigh* We can't win them all.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Official Announcement

Attention all!! Yes, I am expecting baby number 2!! Yes, Sam, we are finally catching up to you. Just because you choose to cheat by having two at a time. ha. We are very very excited. I am due the 10th of September, which hopefully means I'll have the baby by September 3rd. ha! Carter was early so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I was wondering if anyone would notice the last picture I posted on the 10 photo tag. Props to you who faithfully support my blog, even though I'm such a terrible blogger.
To be honest, the reason I've been so bad of late is because this pregnancy has made me SO TIRED. I mean EXHAUSTED. I was not this way with Carter, thank heavens, because I don't know what I'd do if I were that tired and working. It was hard enough this time with a 2 year old! Thankfully Bo comes home early and watches Carter so I can sleep. One day I could barely keep my eyes open at 10 am!! Bo came home at 10:30 that morning, so I was able to go back to sleep. I'm getting my normal 8-9 hours of sleep and yet I still have to take naps. I'm doing a little better now. I still need naps, but not for as long, and by 8 in the evening I'm actually alert, as opposed to the last couple of months.
I haven't been nauseous, which is great. I wasn't with Carter either. My problem is that I get really bad food aversion. Food just sounds so gross. Nothing would sound appealing. I've never been one to force myself to eat something I didn't want, even as a kid, so imagine being starving and not being able to eat because nothing sounds good. If I do force myself, as it has been my entire life, I usually spit it back out. It can get really REALLY frustrating. I've only officially thrown up twice, and one of those times I think I had the flu. Luckily, again, I'm almost done with that. I'm doing better at finding things to eat, and gradually more and more food is sounding appealing. Ahhh, to be out of the 1st Trimester. I think I have 1 more week and then I'm officially in the second. Yippie!
So there you have it. It's funny how different this pregnancy is. Meaning I haven't been keeping track of it as much as I had with Carter, I guess my 2 year old keeps me busy enough. I've also just been able to feel the change in my body a lot easier, or to be more accurate I've felt it become uncomfortable easier. I'm already showing a little too. Not that anyone besides me and Bo would notice yet, but we do. I am excited to feel the baby soon. That's my favorite part about the whole thing. Supposedly I should feel it earlier then last time because I know what it feels like and my body is just more loose if that makes sense. Either way, I'm excited.
Thank you to all my well wishers. We can't wait!! We'll keep you all updated of course!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sleeping in!

So yesterday we went to the temple with some friends, and while one couple went in a session, the other couple watched the kids (they have a little girl Carter's age). It was really fun, but made for a long afternoon. Because of the long afternoon, Carter didn't get much of a nap. I don't think he's feeling too hot either, because today he slept in, which is so unlike him. He normally wakes up at 7. Sleeping in for him would be 7:30, but today he surprised us and slept til 9:40!!!! That, of course, made my day because Bo and I were in turn able to sleep in. We woke up at 8:30 in shock that he wasn't awake. By 9 I had to check on him to make sure he was still breathing (that's my biggest fear), he was, and was out like a light. He woke up happy, still took his 2 hour nap at 1, but by afternoon time he was really warm and cranky. He won't eat anything, and if he does put anything in his mouth he chews on it and then spits it out (really REALLY frustrating). He also keeps saying Ouchie. I'm trying to figure out if he's referring to his scrapes on his knees that he got a few days ago, or something new, but he's not much help. So there you have it. I got to gloriously sleep in and now my kid seems sick. I guess we can't have it all.
I do plan on updating with the whole pregnancy thing, just not right now, I've got to go watch the rest of Becoming Jane, which I started a few days ago.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Picture Tag

So I have actually been tagged. It's a first for me. I probably was tagged so that I would finally blog. ;) The tag is to post your 10 favorite pictures. I'm going to have to fudge my way through this because I don't have a scanner. What you're going to get is my 10 favorite pictures that I have saved on my computer. Unfortunately this means no wedding pictures. Sorry, but these are still good!
Oh yeah, I tag Briana, Serena, Cami, and Stephanie Stout

So I know I look horrible, but I don't care. I had waited FOREVER to have and hold this baby, and I was not about to waste a few minutes/half hour in my case, to look good for the camera.Oh don't they look so perfect together. I love them both SO much! I'm just so proud of Bo. He's an amazing father.Our first family photo! Note: Bo and I did not know that we were going to be in the photo shoot that day.Do I need to comment on this one? It's just so perfect.That's my man! I'm so proud of him for accomplishing this goal!! And I must say he looks GOOD!I have the ultimate siblings. I love them each for their different personalities. They are the funnest people ever!!Carter's first smile, and we were lucky enough albiet accidently to catch it on camera.This is how I hope we'll always be. Out having fun and celebrating the love!Baker family reunions. A hay ride is a pretty accurate description. I love this one because it just fits.

Hmmm . . . the reason I've been such a poor blogger.

It's the simple things. . .

So IHOP had free pancakes on Tuesday, thanks to National Pancake Day, so of course Bo, Carter, and I went. Oh baby. Free pancakes!!! Let me just tell you, it was great! Now I know, I know, how hard can it be to make pancakes??? Even if it is easy to do, going there meant no doing dishes and fun syrup (we put boysenberry on ours)! Of course I couldn't just get pancakes, so Bo and I got a side order of eggs, sausage, and of course bacon. We had a blast, or at least I did, if you can't tell. So this blog is dedicated to pancakes. It's the simple things in life that make me ecstatic, like FREE PANCAKES!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mardi Gras!!!

So apparently Galveston has a huge Mardi Gras celebration. Go figure. Of course I, being as naive as ever, had no idea what Mardi Gras really was about, but shoot, if that meant parades and a carnival, bring it on! I actually had to ask a friend specifically what Mardi Gras celebrates. My friend Stephanie stated it perfectly when she blogged "it's basically an excuse to eat, drink, and be merry." Pretty much. Still. . . they had a few fun things that we took Carter to see. Last Saturday I went with a bunch of friends to a firetruck parade the city had. There were tons and tons of firetrucks from the cities around us, all of them blasting their horns and letting their sirens wail. It was LOUD. Carter was excited at first, but as soon as the noise came, he started to cry and wouldn't let me out of his sight. He finally calmed down once he realized they were throwing beads out. That cheered him up. We were able to catch a few, and now we have a nice collection at home for Carter to play with. He mostly likes to rattle them around and hear the noise.
We didn't do much this week. On Sunday I took the YW in my ward to a fireside about 45 min. away. It was about following the Prophet's council of the 6 Be's, and on the way home, the girls and I were discussing how much we loved him. I made the comment that I didn't think he would be around much longer, so of course when I was talking to Libby (my sister) that night and she started getting texts about his passing, shock hit me. I didn't mean it to be right then. I was so sad, of course, but also happy for him. He gets to be back with his wife. In President Hinkley's funeral today, the Presiding Bishopric stated it perfectly when he mentioned that when he first heard the news he had tears of sorrow that shortly turned to tears of joy. I, of course, bawled my eyes out during the funeral. He was a wonderful man/leader/Prophet. You could always just feel his love, whether through his presence or his talks. I will miss him, but as I said, I'm happy. They were mixed tears of sorrow and joy. Does that make sense?
The rest of this week was spent with me and Carter trying to find things to do because Bo had a test on Friday and therefore was gone all day everyday.
After Bo's test on Friday, we got together with some friends who have a little boy a few months younger than Carter, and we went to the Carnival. I was shocked to find Carter crying on the first few. He loved the rides at Lagoon, so this was unexpected. It was cold, so I wonder if that had something to do with it. The poor kid was shivering a ton. He warmed up to the rides eventually though and had a blast. Of course we didn't go on the big slide till the end when we were at the end of our tickets. That was Carter's favorite and all he wanted to do was go on it again. Maybe next time.(The dinosaur picture cracks me up. Carter was crying so the guy said Bo could ride in the back. Obviously Bo could hardly fit. It was so funny.)
So that was it. I'm not being the best blogger and I apologize. Between adjusting to being back, my new calling, and keeping a 2 year old happy, life goes by quickly and I find I haven't blogged for a week! My goal is to do better. Cross your fingers!

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