Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kylie's Wedding

Bo's cousin, Kylie Beus, got married the beginning of July, shortly after our arrival to the Tri-Cities.  The kids had fun watching the wedding, but to be honest, the reception was their favorite part.  The reception was a The Country Mercantile and the whole place, rides included, was reserved for the party. Carter, Megan, and Derrick had so much fun riding the rides!  Well, Carter and Megan did.  Derrick would only get on the train (not pictured).
As for the pictures, the first two are from the wedding.  The kids all thought the waterfall behind the pulpit was really cool.  The following pictures are of the kids riding the rides and of us parents trying to get a group grandkid photo.  Derrick was NOT having it.  It's rare when you can get Derrick in the picture taking mood, and that night was not a good night for him.  I love how I have the whole thing documented. No Derrick, then Bo trying Derrick sit, then Derrick flipping out, then Bo's dad holding him and trying to get him to settle down.  CLASSIC.  Oh Derrick, how I love you so!

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