Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My little treasure chest key

Okay, so I know this is cheesy (and then some) but it took me forever to sleep last night, so while trying to get some shut-eye, I made up this poem. At first I was going to call it an Ode to Sleep, but then later I switched it.
My Little Treasure Chest Key
Oh why, oh why, can I not go to sleep?
The house is quiet and no one's making a peep!
I have been tossing and turning in this uncomfortable bed,
Trying to get songs and thoughts out of my head.
So to pass time I think I'll make up this Ode,
It's a good way to kill time--or so I've been told.
I need to do something to bring on the sleep,
I've tried clearing my head, and I even counted some sheep!
Oh this is annoying as I lay watching the clock,
but with this Ode, there's definetly no writer's block.
What a dumb little rhyme this Ode has started to become,
But what else am I to do? This no sleep thing is tiresome.

Oh no, oh crud, ahhhh! What's that I hear?
Could I be hearing my baby's cry--and not too dear?
What a horrible trick, for I'd finally drifted away,
I look at the clock and what does it say?
Ten minutes thats it???
My teeth start to grit.
I've only been asleep for a little while when,
My little boy decided he wanted out of his pen.
AHHHHH. I cry, and try to ignore him and sleep.
But try as I might, his lungs pierced my ears deep.
Out of bed I get, and pick up my little child.
Sure enough, as soon as I get him he turns sweet and mild.

With bottle in mouth and in my arms his sweet head,
I look at him, and bad thoughts are left dead.
For here is my little treasure chest key.
He has opened up the most dearest things to me.
He has unlocked this great love that I never knew,
And other great treasures that I'd never thought possible, come true!

With this child, I have discovered great love,
and other great feelings that I know came from above.
What a wonderful opportunity, being a mother,
And seeing him so sweet, makes me think it's time for another.
To put down in words what I feel for this son,
Would be absolutely impossible, impossible and then some.
So while sometimes I'm tired and not quite gung ho,
I'll just look at my boy, and try fresh tomorrow.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


So Carter would not go to sleep last night. AHHHH! We had him cry for like 2 hours in his bed. Finally I picked him up, and he fell asleep on my lap 10 minutes later!!!! Sometimes I don't understand that kid. This morning Bo was playing nintendo and I was busy watching him play--you know, spousal support. I'm good like that :). Somehow Carter figured out how to pull the package of oreos off of the table while our eyes were glued on the TV. There were only about 10 left, but they went scattering across the floor. He picked up about 4 and had the biggest grin on his face. It was soooo funny. I decided if he was going to work that hard at getting the oreos, then he deserved a few. I picked up the rest and had to pry, and I mean PRY two out of his fingers. He just walked aroud the apartment, crushed oreos in his hands, smiling so proudly, and showing his handful of cookies to anyone who looked at him. It was pretty cute. I managed to get a picture of him.
We are starting to look at housing in Galveston, TX, which is where we most likely will end up moving for Med school in August. I'm a little nervous, I'll admit. I talked to these ladies the other day who lived there a few years ago. They were trying to tell me how fun Galveston was, but they ended up making me more scared. They went off on the crime ("but don't worry, it's usually just the drug dealers against other drug dealers"--yeah very comforting) and how awesome the weather was "you can look up in the sky and see tons of tornadoes!!!--funnel clouds, oh but don't worry, they don't land on the island." As you can imagine, being from little Moses Lake where nothing happens, it made me a little anxious. But hey, if all else, it will be an adventure, right? We shall see.

Friday, March 23, 2007


So after checking out Sam's blog and wanting to make a comment on it, I realized I couldn't unless I had my own blog account. This is good though, it motivates me to keep in touch with everyone better, and if all else, it's a journal right? Bo and I are doing GREAT! We are loving life and trying to enjoy it to it's fullest before we get crazy and busy during Med school. Carter is hilarious. He's picked up this new habit of making funny faces. His latest is to open his mouth as wide as he can and squint his eyes. No clue as to why he does it, but it's funny. Well this is going to be short because it's a first. Later!

The Beus Gang

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