Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Grant County Fair

If you tell me there is a fair going on, you'd better believe I'll be there.  Especially if its on a FREE day and spaceburgers are involved.  Last year I was pregnant with Perry during the Grant County Fair, and when Amanda, Bo's sister, posted a picture of her eating a spaceburger, oh man, did I start craving one bad.  Since I was in Indiana, and could do nothing about this craving, I had to wait a WHOLE YEAR to finally come to peace with this craving. And the peace was made by going and getting me one. Or two.  Maybe three??  YUM.
Oh yeah, I also went for, you know, the animals....My kids had fun looking at the farm animals.  They loved the horses most. And the rabbits.  They always love the rabbits.  Who can blame them? Soft, small, nice, easy to handle. 
It was a fun, super hot, day.  We were joined on this trip by Amanda and her kids, Terra and her kids, Bo's dad and Grandma, and Bo's cousin Rian.  Unfortunately I only got pictures of my children.  And me, eating a spaceburger while nursing.  That's talent right there. 


Stormie said...

What is a space burger? Funny that you craved it for a year! Glad you finally got one!

Lindsay Adams said...

I love the pic of you eating, while feeding Perry!

Katie said...

I LOVE the Grant County Fair. There's nothing like it. So jealous of your Space Burger. And that photo of you IS talent. I'm impressed!

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