Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To be "cool"

So I was just reading someone's post, and it reminded me of back when I was, well, more social I guess. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I used to be the girl that everybody called, that was out everynight, and had parties or whatever at her house. I used to be the one that people couldn't wait to tell news too. Or at least that's what I thought.
Now I'm no longer that girl. I still socialize and have my friends that I hang out with all the time, but it's still different. My guess is because I'm married and have kids, hence I'm busier at home and well. . .more tired.
So back to my reading someone's blog. I was reading and thinking, "I wish I was cool." I voiced this to my husband who, as supportive as always, says "So do I. It'd be awesome to have a cool wife."
Thanks honey.
Oh, and now as he reads this he says "You thought you were cool, that's funny." He is so the perfect man for me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And baby number 2 is. . . .

Drumroll please. No really, drumroll. . . . . . . . IT'S A GIRL!!!!!! YAY!!!!! We kind of thought it was a girl, but still you never know. Well now we do. We would have been happy with a boy, but a girl means shopping and hair bows and pink and oh just all sorts of fun!! So there you have it. It definetly is a girl, we got a pretty good view with the ultrasound. WHOHOO!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


So here is a blog totally dedicated to being random, which is pretty much how my life is right now. I find myself totally blurting out random things to people all the time, but see the thing is, it ISN'T random, it's just that by the time my mind connects to my mouth, the topic people are talking has changed and I'm left with a 10 second delay at least. The joys of having a shot brain which I'm blaming on the pregnancy.
My laundry is piling up. How hard is it to do laundry? Especially if I only have to walk like 10 feet down the hall to dump it in the washer. And yet there it sits, me looking at it, typing a blog, and not doing one thing about it.
The joys of pregnancy. I'm really feeling the baby now, which is my favorite thing ever. Bo still hasn't felt it yet, but that's what babies do right? . . avoid the dad? Or is it the other way around. . . .? Just kidding. Bo is amazing with babies and kids. I'm getting vericous (sp?) veins though, sad day. Those can be removed eventually right?? The things we do for our posterity. Oh yeah, we find out what the baby is on Tuesday!! YAY!! Any guesses?
One last thing. Carter is being so funny lately. Seriously, the kid cracks me up. We were trying to get him to eat dinner the other day, which he was just not wanting to do. We held up a bite for him and tried coaxing him to eat it. No, my cooking is not that bad, although I will admit it wasn't my favorite either. . . Anyways. As we were trying to get him to eat, he totally faked going to sleep!! Where did he get that from? It was so funny. He just put his head down on the table and started pretend snoring. Oh man. It was pretty good.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Party time

I know, I've done a lot of blogs tonight. This is the last one! Carter wanted to dance tonight to some music, so Bo put on some from his computer and Carter and I went to town! We danced and spun and jumped and sang (with the remotes as our microphones). It was fun, and a great way for him to wear out that extra energy. Please ignore my ugly dance moves. I'm not a dancer, not to mention I was dancing with a 2 year old, which gives me extra rights to dance nerdy, in order to make him dance.

Like Father like Son

Bo got out his medical equipment ( i.e. stethescope, reflex hammer, otoscope, etc.) to practice his doctor skills. He had a test on it the next day. It's called a Practical. They go in a room where they are watched by a bunch of Dr.'s and look over a "patient" (actor/actress) with a mysterious illness. They perform some tests with the reflex hammer, etc., ask questions, and then try and figure out what was wrong.
Anyways, so Bo had taken out his stuff because he was going to practice on me (let me tell you, he is the CUTEST Dr. I'll ever have :) ), and Carter was having so much fun playing with it. I thought it was cute. He kept putting the stethescope on our heads. My brother Whitney had given Bo a reflex hammer a while back, so Bo actually had two. He gave Whit's to Carter to keep, and Carter from then on would go around tapping his knees and our knees. It's one of his new favorite toys. So I just thought it was cute that Carter was trying to be like his Dad. He'll make a great Doctor some day!

Sleeping in the Big Kid's Bed

So Carter has been wanting to sleep in the "Big Kid's Bed" for FOREVER. Every night when we would put him down to sleep, he would point at the twin bed and beg to sleep in it. I would have had him sleep in it too, except that I knew that with all the family coming to visit, it would be impossible to get Carter to go back to sleeping in a crib. So we postponed it, telling him he could sleep in it once Grandma was gone.

The day my mom left, we took Carter to Target, picked out some fun sheets for him (don't worry, I washed them before I put them on the bed), and got him a bed rail. That night when we went in to put him to bed he was SO excited!! Bo and I were laughing. He climbed right up in there, and wouldn't get out to say his prayers. We finally coaxed him down for prayers, and immediately afterwards he was back up in bed. We started taking pictures, and well, you can tell by the pictures that he just wants us to go away because he's so excited to be there and wants be left alone, as if he's sure it's a trick and that any moment we're going to yank him out. Funny kid. Finally he just grabbed the covers and put them over him and nestled in and ignored us.

He slept well and didn't get up once. In the morning Bo heard him talking and went in to check on him. Carter was still lying in the bed chatting to himself. The really funny thing is that for nap time we asked him if he wanted to go sleep in the bed, and he insisted on the crib!! He took a 3 hour nap too! Anyways. . . he's been great and loving his new Big Kid Bed.

I love that he has his eyes closed and trying to ignore us.

Entertaining my mom

As I mentioned before, my mom came to visit us here in Galveston. She was originally going to just come for a week, but while here she decided to extend her trip by another week. It was really fun having her. My mom is a great visitor because she doesn't need to be entertained too much. Her favorite thing is just to relax and read. I think she read at least 5 books while here.
We did go out and do things too. We went out to eat a couple of times, we went on the ferry, we played at the beach, visited Moody Gardens (an attraction here), went on walks, and went to a fun beach shop. It was great having her and having someone to talk to and just relax with. Carter really enjoyed having the extra attention.
When anyone comes to visit we like to take them on the ferry. It's free, fun, and you get to see wild dolphins!
I love that Bo is so into building his sand castle.
The water wasn't too bad. Bo and I took Carter in and got wet up to our waists. There was a lot of seaweed on the beach that day, which is weird because I don't think I've seen seaweed on the beach before. I'm sure it gets it every now and then, but why'd it have to be there the day we took my mom??

Friday, April 4, 2008

Spur of the Moment

When Bo and I want something, we think about it for awhile, look around, and then finally make a decision. We went to a soccer party a while back and played Rock Band. We loved it so much that we really wanted to get one. Well. . . we have a game cube and they don't make Rock Band for Game Cubes. So then we tossed around other options. I really wanted a Wii. They looked so fun, and could think of all sorts of excuses as to why we should get one. . . . tax refund should be spent on something fun, quality family time :), etc. We started looking for Wii's, but they were/are sold out everywhere.

So here comes our spur of the moment. We were at Game Stop Wednesday looking for a baseball game for Bo's Game Cube, when I overheard the worker talking on the phone saying they had Wii's. I of course ran up to him and asked him too, just to make sure they weren't reserved or anything. The guy said yes, Bo and I looked at each other, and we said we'd take it. No planning, no contemplating, we just snagged it. HA!! Right after the guy got it for us, another customer came in asking for one, but we had just gotten the last one.

We of course then bought an extra remote and made a reservation for Rock Band which comes out for the Wii in June. We walked out of the store and just were in shock of what happened. That is just so not us. We are super stoked though and have already been playing. Bo's been cheating and playing while I'm at mutual and meetings, so he can pretty much kick my butt, but it's still great. Go us and random sporadic moments. Go Tax refunds!!! We are officially the party house, feel free to come over!!

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus