Friday, October 10, 2014

Random pictures from our move

Here are some pictures I found from our drive from Indiana to Utah.  My camera battery had died and I couldn't recharge it (thanks to it being packed and already in Washington), so these are all the pics I have.  So sad.  The top picture is from Wyoming.  The swimming pool one could be from anywhere. We got a hotel with a pool every night so that we could get the kids energy out.  The first night we stopped in Des Moines, Iowa, the second night in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and the third night we stayed in Provo, Utah, before heading up to Cedar City for the Baker Family Reunion.
When we were driving across the country, our Explorer was working absolutely wonderful.  When we entered Provo, however, our Explorer started acting super funny and making weird noises.  The next morning, the morning we were supposed to go the reunion, our car completely broke down!!!!  Like wouldn't hardly move. Thank goodness my brother Ivin was in town, you know...for the family reunion, and was able to come help us.  We took our car to a shop and discovered that the transmission was shot.  NOT.COOL.  We had already invested $3000 last summer in car repairs, and were just not down to doing that again.  It wasn't worth that.  We were already planning on getting a van in July or August, so we just decided to scrap the car and go buy a van.
Buying a van with absolutely no research and preparation is very stressful.  Add that to the fact that we were homeless, sick to death of traveling, and were supposed to be up in the mountains in a couple of hours, and lets just say that I was pretty darn near close to losing it.
We did it though, we got a Toyota Sienna, and let me just tell you that I absolutely LOVE that van.  It's so nice.  So new (brand new!), so smooth, and it fits so much!!! 
I count my blessings that we broke down in a town that we were familiar with and that we had family in the area.  I count my blessings that my family was safe. I count my blessings that we were in a position to afford a van.  The Lord was really looking out for us.

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Stormie said...

What a blessing it didn't break down somewhere else! And so glad you like your van!

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