Saturday, May 29, 2010

The week in pictures

I can't decide who won, the donut or Meg??
Having fun on the computer! They love, which is a great site for kids!

Carter being Carter. He would say he's Spiderman though. That's his name now.

Meg and her dolls. Seriously. She carries them around everywhere. She puts them everywhere. In the picture below, she has put one on each chair at the table. You can see in other pictures that she lines them up, along with putting them in the diswasher. She has also figured out she can put them in the dryer to sleep. She cracks me up. At my cousin's house, she found a doll and put it on a little childs potty. So so funny.
I love having a girl!

A comfortable place to play. She didn't fall, either!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hurricane Awareness

We had our annual hurricane preparedness meeting in church today.
I am not a fan of hurricanes. Not. At. All.
This meeting reminded me that we are starting another hurricane season.
Thankfully, this is going to be our LAST one. Unless, of course, we're sent somewhere for Residency that has them. If Bo knows whats good for him, however, that won't be happening.
I'm anxious. I know, I know, what are the odds that we're going to get hit by another hurricane??? Extremely slim. BUT they say that this is going to be a pretty busy season for hurricanes. And it is the last days.
One more summer, one more summer. Thats all there is left for me. One more summer. Repeated a million times.
And whenever I need comforting, I just tell myself that at least I'm not pregnant or with a NEWBORN this time around. I can handle it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seriously, Mom.

Carter said that to me today. !!!! I forget he's growing up, so when he says things to me like that, I have to take a step back and think, "WHAT?! He's not supposed to know how to talk like that." I just don't think I'm prepared for it, people. He can't be growing up on me!

Me: "Carter, do you want some breakfast?"
Carter: "No."
Me: "You sure? How about a (breakfast) burrito?"
Carter: "No."
Me: "Waffle?"
Carter: "No."
Me: (not one to give up) "Pancakes? Cereal? ANYTHING?"
Cassidy: " !!! " Then a little giggling. okay fine. I guess he's not hungry.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What. A. Weekend.

Eli and Meg
Whitney, Eli, Meg, and Bo
Whitney, Eli, Carter, Bo. We actually did plan the matching shirts. We're cool like that.
(pictures from Whitney's visit)

We've moved.
We actually moved two weekends ago.
YEP. I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. You've missed me, I know.

Let me just tell you about our awesome moving adventure. Because that's what it was. . . AWESOME. Brace yourselves. . .

First off, my brother Whitney and his family came to vist the Wednesday before we moved, along with my cousin Jackie and her kids. We had a great day of playing outside, eating Taco Cabana, catching up, and going to the beach. I love family. They rock.

Anyways, after that fun day, Bo (who thankfully had school off) and I spent the next two days packing, cleaning the new apartment, and shuttling our smaller items over to our new place. Friday night we were prepared and ready for the big move that would be the next morning. We had pretty much EVERYTHING packed, and most of the stuff was gone. At about 8:30 that night I got a call from my sister in law, Christina (Ivin's wife). She was in Houston. I thought it was nice of her to call while in the area, thinking she was just bored while waiting for her connecting flight to visit her parents in Brazil.
Poor girl. Apparently her visa had expired (from her trip there last Christmas). She thought it was good for 5 years, when apparently it was only 90 days. Since it was late Friday night, there was nothing she could do about it until MONDAY. Could she come hang out with me?? SURE. I'd love it! And I meant it. I just felt bad since I had NOTHING to offer her. Really. And the poor girl had no suitcase because it was on its way to Brazil. Oh, and her purse was either stolen or she lost it. Oh, and she didn't have her cell phone, so she had to use her sister's (who was on her way to Brazil without her).

That poor girl. I felt especially bad that the one time she gets to visit me, I'm in the middle of moving. Well, at least I got extra help. :) And luckily we are the same size. And luckily she's stuck with me for eternity, so she's forced to like me, so she didn't complain and we had a good time about it. hahaha. Really we get along great, so it was fun. An unplanned-I'm-sorry-you're-not-in-Brazil-but-instead-stuck-with -helping-me-move FUN.

With Christina's and the men from our ward's help, we were able to move in and get settled pretty fast. Then our AC broke in the apartment. And it was a really humid and hot day. And our apartment had this funky smell (which is gone now) from being unused for quite awhile. Oh well. We had fans. We tried to make the most of it.

Then on the drive home from church on Sunday the front windows in my car decided they wanted to roll down, and not go back up. So they got to be duck taped up. Awesome.

I could tell I was making a GREAT impression on Christina.

BUT, luckily Bo had Monday off so that Christina and I could go to Houston without the kids, get her visa (HURRAY!!!!) and go to a movie and do some shopping on the side. And the AC got fixed, and our car's windows stayed taped up. :) haha.

So that was the weekend. And hopefully you can now see why I am still trying to unwind from it.

I love the apartment though. It's great. It's cozy. The kids are sharing a room and are doing really well. I'm happy. And Bo fixed the windows a couple of days ago (my hero), so life is great.

The end.

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus