Thursday, September 20, 2012

Megan turned FOUR

Megan turned FOUR!  She has been waiting to turn 4 since Carter's birthday back in January.  Yeah....
When she woke up, she was oh so excited that her birthday had finally come.
Since Megan had never had a birthday party, and she'd seen Carter have a few, we decided it was about time she got one too.  I'm pretty proud of the party I threw for her too, if I do say so myself. :)
We had Megs open the presents from the family first thing in the morning, because right after that her party started. Her favorite gift from the us?  Her princess bed sheets.  Does anybody else automatically think of that line from Toy Story?  "Bed sheets? Who invited that kid??"  Yeah, I felt totally lame giving her sheets, but I KNEW she would love them.  She also got her little princess Jasmine, whom she calls Jasmint, to complete her princess collection, some aprons (and a matching one for me!), a puzzle, and a re gifted ring from Carter.  Yeah, he gave her a ring that he stole from her. hahahaa.  She loved it.
Next came her party.
So I really wanted to have a Princess Tea Party for Megan's birthday party, but when asking her who she wanted to invite, her number one friend was her best friend (go figure) Max.  That's right...a BOY.  Well.  You can't invite a boy to a tea party!  Well maybe you can, but I wasn't about to do it.  Soooo we decided to throw her a castle party, and we invited all the knights and fair ladies in the land to Princess Megan's Royal Birthday Celebration.  Yeah, I digi-scrapped her announcements, and I'm pretty darn proud of them too.  Feel free to leave comments on how rad they are.
I had all the princesses, most of whom came dressed in princess attire (I LOOOOOVE little girls!!), decorate crowns, complements of Burger King, that I painted gold,  They decorated with gem stickers and it was a big hit. The boys got to decorate shields, which they enjoyed too. 
After the crowns and shields, I had the kids all play musical dots (I didn't have enough chairs, not to mention the girls LOVED the opportunity to dance....the boys not so much...sorry boys...), and after playing the game the girls all won bracelets and rings, and the boys won swords. 
Next it was lunch.  I found a crown shaped cookie cutter, so we made crown shaped sandwiches, along with some veggies and grapes.  Deluxe, I know.  They also had cupcakes.  Cupcakes, I've decided, are the way to go.  Sorry Megan, you didn't get an actual cake, but you don't like cake anyways.
After lunch we took all the kids out to the tree in front and they all took turns "slaying" the dragon pinata that was attacking our castle.  Another hit. Get it, hit??  bahahahaaa.    It actually took ME getting the bat and whacking it and then ripping it open to finally get the candy to come out.  That dragon did NOT want to die!
And, of course, after the pinata came the presents.  With each present opened, the kids would inch closer, till finally they were "helping" her open them. :)  Meg got spoiled and loved by her friends.  She is so lucky to have so many friends!
With all of the presents opened, it was then free time.  I think that might have been their favorite part.  The boys got to whack the fence in the back yard with their swords, or have mock fights, to their hearts content.  The girls got to go play with Meg's new princesses and toys. 
It was a busy and long party, but I'm so glad we did it.  I think it really made Megan feel special, which she is.
We love you Megan, and are so extremely grateful that you are in our lives!!  You are funny, DARLING, thoughtful, daring, sweet, affectionate, maybe a little stubborn, and just so full of life!  

Derrick kept getting in front of the camera, saying "cheese!"

Max, Megan's best friend.  His mom and I have high hopes of reintroducing them when they are later... :) 

Special thanks to my awesome friend Erika for all her help!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I made individual chicken potpies for dinner the other day, and was just so proud of how they turned out, I just had to take a picture.  Look at those beauties!  They were so yummy too.

Megan Starts Preschool!!!

Megan is the lucky girl who gets to start preschool this year!!  She has been looking forward to this day for a looooooong time. 
Some friends and I are combining our kids to make a little preschool group.  It's Megan, her very good friend Eliza, and two boys, Jacob and Alex.  Four.  It's the perfect number.  She meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3 hours, and all the mom's trade off teaching. 
Megan is in HEAVEN, and well, with both Carter and Megan in school now, Derrick is in heaven too.  haha.  He seriously was so giddy on Meg's first day.  Bo was home that day, so Derrick had both parents all to himself.
Oh my lettle Mega Love.  I can't believe she is already in preschool! 
*on a side note...I do feel bad for poor Carter, he never got the chance to have preschool... 

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus