Thursday, October 16, 2014

Unpacking Fun

Unpacking can always be an adventure, especially when all of your belongings have been packed and gone for over a month, and in some cases a couple of months.  Oh, the treasures to be found!!  "So THAT'S where that was!" and "I forgot about these!" were common phrases from all of us when we were unpacking the boxes.  It was like a giant Christmas.  Shoot, I should have just left half of the toy boxes packed and brought them out on Christmas morning!
I found our stand up toy and promptly cleaned, assembled, and stuffed Perry into it. Carter found his Cars collection of  :) He also found the camera....  Derrick and Megan were happy with their long lost puzzles and stuffed animals. :)
During the unpacking phase we took a break and drove to my parents home to visit.  The first picture is of Othello, Bo's hometown.  The second picture is my parents' home. The rest of the pictures are just fun pictures to document our life.  Yep, we were happy.  Yep, we got along (sort of ), and yep, I went without makeup a little too often. :)

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