Friday, January 20, 2012

Thank goodness I have a few years still

Megs is at a birthday party tonight, and I find myself in a wierd mood. A lonely, almost depressed mood. It's not an overnight party. It's only till about 9 pm, and yet to me, it feels like she's been gone a loooooong time.
When I dropped her off I got super depressed. A huge "I can't part with you" feeling. I mean seriously. It's a birthday party for Pete's sake. It's not like I've never been without her before. I don't know whats going on with me. Maybe it's because I still have the boys, just not her, and that's why it's different? I don't know. All I know is that I'm just sick to my stomach.
What, oh what, am I going to do when she goes for, gasp, college??? Or even preschool????? For some wierd reason I'm okay leaving her with her brothers when I'm out on a date, but am freaking out with her gone out by herself. I think I have it. I think this is her growing up. She's only THREE. I really can't be having these feelings yet!
I need help.
At least we know I love my little girl. Maybe too much? :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012


That Derrick-boy. I'm slightly obsessed with him.
He is seriously such a happy, mellow kid.
Derrick got his first tooth this week! It's on the bottom. I'd take a picture, but he won't let me near his face, not to mention you can barely see it.
Derrick is trying to walk. He can stand himself up in the middle of the room, with no help, and then take a couple steps. That's all though. Only a couple of steps, then he chickens out. I thought for sure he'd be my earliest walker, considering he was my earliest crawler, but no, he's fine taking his time.
Derrick loves Carter. He seriously lights up whenever Carter is in the room. He thinks Carter is the ultimate, and Carter is really good to him too.
Derrick has also discovered the wonder of balloons and balls this past week. He loves to crawl around after the balls and hit them, roll them, and throw them. Definitely a boy.
I'm so glad he's in my life. I can't believe he's almost one!! Ahhhh. I'm not ready for that yet.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Carter is SIX

Can Carter really be six??? Oh my goodness, time flies WAY too fast. I tried telling him that maybe be should just stay five for a little longer, or even go back to four, but he wouldn't have it. He's been looking forward to this day for a loooooong time.
First off, Carter has been begging, and begging, and BEGGING for a birthday party. He's been telling me for weeks who he even wants to invite. Bo and I would always just nod, say uh huh, and change the subject because we were too busy with other things.
WELL..we decided to through him a surprise Super hero birthday party, and it was awesome. While he was gone at school we decked the house out with balloons, streamers, and super hero signs and logos all over. He had absolutely no clue that he was having a party that day. He thought his party was going to be on the weekend, so when he walked in, saw the decorations, and everyone shouted "surprise", he had the most shocked expression on his face. It was hilarious. He might have been kinda confused why all these kids were jumping out yelling at him dressed up as super heroes. So funny. I told him that he was having a surprise super hero party and that he needed to go change into a costume. He got really into it from that point on. ** side story... After sending him upstairs to go get his costume on, I went up and checked on him and found him putting on a construction worker costume. haha. I told him it was a SUPER HERO party. "Ohhhhh." So funny. He changed for a more suitable Spiderman costume.
There were about 10 kids in total, some from church and others from school. All of them had costumes on, and it was the best. They had pizza and juice for lunch, then they did a craft where they made fun masks, then it was upstairs for a super hero training course that Bo put together. It was pretty rad, if I say so myself. We had the boys crawling through a tunnel, running to a line to throw balls and knock down the bad guys (little action figures on a table), then they had to run to our little trampoline, jump on it, and while jumping off knock down our wall, made up of diaper boxes. Too many diaper boxes in this house.
It was a big hit with the boys.
After the training course it was back downstairs for "cake" and ice cream. Carter requested brownies this year, so I did brownies with toasted marshmallows and chocolate frosting on top. YUM. Another success. I should go professional. I did my best to try and draw a batman logo on the brownies. It was kind of sad looking, but the kids were impressed. At least they could tell what it was supposed to be. That counts for something, right?
Finally it was the long awaited present opening time. Carter scored big time, but I think the best gift of all was just the great time he had with all his friends. He was seriously on cloud nine for the rest of the day.
Happy Birthday Carter-bug! We love you so much. I can't believe you are six. We have enjoyed having you in our family and look forward to many more birthdays and years of fun!

The training course: There is the tunnel on the left, and you can see the wall of diapers on the right. Go Target!

Special Shout Out to my friend Lindsay. Bo had to bail on the party last minute because of a mandatory meeting he had forgotten about. sheesh. Lindsay stepped up on the ultimate friend list and came and helped out. No way was I going to be able to handle 10 boys all by myself. Thanks Linds!!

Yes, I know that it looks like all I ever wear is that green shirt, but one, it's an awesome and super comfy shirt, but two, and more importantly, that shirt has Spiderman, the Silver Surfer, Thor, and Wolverine on it, making it the perfect shirt to wear to a Super Hero party. I wore it on purpose for that party. I'm nothing if not a supportive mom. :) It helps that Bo thinks I look cute in that shirt.
Blowing out the candles. Unfortunately it took two breaths.

He'll be going professional in no time

I signed Carter up for a basketball camp with a couple of his friends. Last Saturday was his first day, and I think I had just as much fun watching him as he did playing. It was so cute.
First off, he's never really handled a basketball. I know, sad, right? I'm quite embarrassed by it. Bo is more into soccer, and since I haven't played in YEARS, not to mention I'm a girl...yes we're getting to that stage, he just doesn't know this sport as well as the others. Oh well. This camp will change that!
They had they boys doing dribbling practices, passing activities, push ups, and drilled into them the correct way to hold the ball. It was fun watching about 20 little 4-6 year olds try dribbling these big ole basketballs in their tiny little hands.
Camp is every Saturday and goes for about 2 months. We are so excited!

Bo's Birthday Bash

Last week Bo turned 31. He wasn't too pleased about that age. I told him he was the cutest 31 year old on the planet. I'm hoping that helped. Probably not though.
For Bo's birthday I offered to take him anywhere he wanted for his birthday. His choice? Chuck E Cheese. Really? Um, okay, sure. Works for me! I asked him if he was serious, to which he replied yes, and even went so far as to ask if we could even get a pizza there. Tough to please, that one. :)
Here's picture from the fun day. I think the kids appreciated it was Bo's birthday even more than Bo did.
Happy Birthday honey! We love you and are so happy you are who you are!
Chuck E Cheese came out to make an appearance, and Meg headed straight under the table. She does not like that rat AT ALL. It seriously took like 10min. of pleading, threatening, and bribing to finally get her to come out.

You can't see me, but I'm next to Megs pushing down the gas peddle for her.
Ridin' in style

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus