Thursday, October 23, 2014

Grandpa/Great Grandpa Beus

Right after moving to Washington, Bo's grandpa got really sick.  They were living here in the Tri-Cities too, so when Grandpa Beus was checked into the hospital, Bo was able to go and see him.  Not long after he was checked in, he was moved to hospice and we were told he would be passing away soon.  About two weeks later, I think the 19th?, he passed away.  I'm sad I wasn't able to go take the kids to go see him, but I am so glad Bo was able to visit with his Grandpa before he became unresponsive and then gone. 
His funeral was held in Othello, and all of the Grandkids and Great Grandkids sung a few songs in the funeral.  Here are some pictures of us at the gravesite.  Grandpa Beus was a wonderful, caring, giving, and funny man.  He will be greatly missed, but I know he'll watch out for us on the other side.

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