Friday, September 19, 2014

He's Legit! Too Legit to Quit

Here are some pictures way back from Bo's Residency Graduation. 
We had a wonderful night out with just Perry and all of Bo's fellow 3rd year Residents. We ate yummy food, heard some wonderful/motivational talks/speeches, maybe got a little teary eyed, and had lots of hugs and laughs. I'm sure Bo's highlight of the night was being told he was done with residency.  My favorite part, however, was when they were doing a highlight/bio on each resident, and in Bo's he wrote some wonderful words of appreciation to me. Made me cry, he-is-so-thoughtful, I earned it, heartfelt words.   I wish I had filmed it.  I had many friends come up to me later telling me how wonderful his was and how they were jealous and wish their husbands had been so thoughtful.
It is so exciting to be done!  We miss all our friends we have made, and enjoyed our time in Texas and Indiana, but it really does feel good to be ALL DONE and finally on to the career.
Bo, we are so incredibly proud of you.  You have worked so hard so that you can provide well for your family.  Your kids adore you and get so excited to see you when you get off work.  I am grateful to have you as a husband.  You are the best husband, friend, sidekick, and confidant a person could ask for.  It doesn't hurt that you are just so good looking too!  We love you so much.  Congratulations baby!!!!


Katie said...

Congratulations to your husband, you, and your entire family! What a wonderful feeling to be done!

Emily Rasmussen said...

Congrats you guys! that is awesome! I'll have to tell Stewart to write something really thoughtful. :) I keep trying to figure out where you guys are now? back in Washington?

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