Saturday, May 31, 2008

North and South

If you like the long A&E version of Pride and Prejudice, you need to watch North and South. It is such a good movie! I watched it last summer and fell in love with it. Bo got it for me for Christmas, and with Libby here, we've been watching bits of it each night. So good! It's a 4 segment movie, so it's a little under 4 hours, which is what Lord of the Rings are, so really it's normal to watch a movie that long, right? Anyways, if you're looking for a good movie (Bo would like to add "and you're a girl"), this is a must!

Breaking Dawn

So a friend told me yesterday that the first chapter in Breaking Dawn could now be found in the end of the of the newly issued Eclipse books, so don't you worry, I've already read it! For all you Twilight fans, go read it! I liked it. Of course it made me even more anxious for the book to come out. I'm so impatient. Only what, 2 more months? Ahhhh.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Libby's here!!!

So my little sister, Liberty, is here to visit!! It's so fun having her here. We've gone to the pool a couple of times, shopping for things for the house (stuff for the furniture), eaten good food, and just relaxed. Today we went to the Rainforest Pyramid, an attraction here, and out to lunch. Tomorrow we are maybe going to Ikea to get a dresser for the kids' room, and also to the beach in the afternoon.
It's been fun having her. We've chatted and caught up on life. We bought stuff for s'mores, which we've had almost every night, and either tonight or tomorrow night we are going to eat artichokes, a tradition we have. mmm baby. Oh yeah, and I think we're going to go to Indiana Jones this weekend. NO spoilers please. It's fun to have family visit! She is going back to Washington with us on Tuesday, the third, so I'll get to hang out with her for almost a month.
Here's some pictures we tooke at the rainforest.

New Furniture!!!!!!

So Bo and I have been married 4 and a half years, and have not once owned a real couch. We lived in furnished housing at BYU and Alaska, and then when we moved to Texas we inherited Whitney's loveseat, futon, and green leather chair.

Now I'm not dissing free furniture. It's the best. But the futon was getting a little uncomfortable, especially with this pregnancy. Bo bruised his tailbone awhile back, so sitting on it isn't comfortable to him either. And hello, we've been married for so long, it's about time we get our own furniture! For Mother's day Bo's present to me was a rocker/recliner. He didn't actually give me one though because he wanted me to pick it out. Well with a recliner, that meant we didn't need the green chair. The green chair is way comfy, but it doesn't rock. With this baby I want a rocker.

Anyways, we've been looking around for quite awhile at furniture, and this past weekend we finally got some!!! I'm soooooo excited. We've been saving up for this and oh man was it worth it. We got the new couch and loveseat yesterday, and the recliner/rocker comes next week. The chair is a brown leather and is so comfortable. We love our new furniture!

My sister Libby is here visiting and conveniently enough she has a degree in interior design, something I completely lack skills in. She rearranged our apartment for us, and it looks great. So life is fabulous. New furniture, new layout, and we even went and got a new rug today, which you can see in the picture. Now I just need new pillows for the couches.

Go team go.

Like Having Twins

So last weekend we watched my friend Jana's little girl Ava, while she was in the hospital having her baby. Ava is 6 days younger than Carter, and wow, when you put them together, it's just crazy. Jana and I are close friends, which means Carter and Ava have had the opportunity to hang out quite a bit. Another friend jokes that they act like siblings, and they really do. They push each other, laugh at each other, and cause havoc together.

It was a fun weekend, but man I was glad that Carter is not a twin. Then again, if I did have twins, I'd be more used to it, so it wouldn't be so crazy, and they'd probably behave different. Half of the things they were doing was because Ava wasn't used to the rules here, so Carter didn't listen either. Sam--mad props to you. I still think it'd be fun to have twins, but it did put a different perspective on things. I think another problem was that I'm pregnant and have no energy.

They were fun though. I love Ava. She is the cutest and funniest thing. And seriously, when she and Carter hang out, I laugh so hard. They are funny. Two year olds. enough said.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The heat

It's hot here. Seriously hot. I'm dying. I think the thermostat says 75 (inside with the AC) and I'm melting. Really. That's all. Just complaining about me being hot. And it's only May people! How am I going to last the summer? I know it's bad because I'm hardly ever hot, Bo's the one who gets hot easy, and right now I'm the one complaining and he's saying it feels good. WOW. I guess I never felt how hot I got while being pregnant with Carter because I was in ALASKA in the WINTER. What am I doing being pregnant in South Texas on an island in the SUMMER???!!! I'm looking forward to the dry heat of Washington this June when I go up there.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


So my family went on a cruise last week. I guess I shouldn't say my family, because not everyone went, but still. It was my parents, my sister Libby, and my brother Whitney and his wife and son, along with my sis. in law (Bridget)'s parents and little sister. Yeah.
They left on Sunday of last week and got back yesterday. I really really REALLY wanted to go, but well it was kind of expensive, and Bo didn't want to go. He thinks there's no point in flying somewhere to take a cruise (they left out of NYC) when we can take one here in Galveston. There was no way I was going to go with Carter by myself. It wasn't till the tickets were way too expensive that my parents suggested that they would help watch Carter. AHH!
So they all went. Without me. And from their stories and pictures, it looks like they had a great time. Someday I'll go. That's what Bo says. Problem is, it'll be like in 20 years. Kinda depressing. Sometimes I feel like everyone around me is off doing something super fun and I'm missing out on it all.
Oh yeah, I also had to drop off and pick up my friends from a cruise that they went on here last week too. See why I say I feel like everyone around me is doing something?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The week in review

So here's a bunch of pictures I took this past week. It's been one of those weeks where I feel like I've done a ton, but have nothing to show for it. I've been into organizing and stuff. My cousin tells me it's nesting. Can you nest at 5 months? I always thought that came at the end. Whatever it is, I'm usually burned out by afternoon time. Poor Bo has to deal with a dead beat.
Bo and I went on a date tonight. We watched Iron Man at the movie theater. I liked it. I really did. I thought it was WAY better then Spiderman. It was fun to go out and have some time together. When we picked up Carter at our friends' house, he was so excited to see us. I love that. He just kept hugging us, the tight around the neck ones, my favorite from him! He's such a fun cute kid.

Carter has lately been into picking out his toy of the day and taking it everywhere with him. His McQueen stool was the choice one day, and as you can see, he even took it to nap time with him. I couldn't help but take a picture.
A day in the life of Carter. One shoe on, a random object, and a donut. Could life be better?

We date swap with some friends of ours. The kids were all playing well, so I sat down to read the end of Eclipse (like Sam, I needed something to read, and this is such a good love story. I'd actually reread through the others like a month ago and never had time to reread this one so I was finally doing it). Jamie decided she wanted to come hang out with me, and before I knew it, I had all 3 on the couch hanging out with me. I guess I'm still cool to some people at least. So what if they're kids. I'm down with being the cool mom.

I've been wanting to take a pregnancy picture all week for the blog. Problem is, by the time I remembered to take the picture, my cute clothes were off and I was always in my PJ's. I finally broke down and just had Bo take one anyways. Here you go. I do try and look cute during the day, I promise.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twilight Preview!

So I was looking at my friend/cousin-in-law?'s blog and saw that she had the Twilight movie preview on her blog, so I watched and then decided to add it to mine! Let me know what you think. Bo, after viewing it, was all,"are you serious? That looked even worse then I imagined the book to be." ha. Me? Well I don't know. I don't think Edward is cute, so it's hard for me to get excited over it because, hello, he's supposed to be so cute, and the actor just is not. Maybe he'll surprise me though. Sometimes actors/actresses have a sneaky way of drawing you in. We'll have to see in December. Meanwhile, the clip. What do you think? click on the link.

Also, I just finished watching Dan In Real Life with Bo. It was good, but also kinda depressing. I guess it's just depressing to me because I'm all pregnant hormonal girl and kept imagining what life what be without Bo and could totally relate so therefore I was a little sad. It had a good ending though, and I'm sure everyone else views it differently. I'd probably too if I weren't all sappy right now. Bo doesn't want to watch anymore emotional movies with me. sigh.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

More visitors and just my luck

So on Monday my cousin Jackie, along with her husband, Lincoln, and cute 6 mo. old son, Brigham, came to visit us in Galveston!! Actually they came to look for housing in a town about 45 min. North of here, but who cares! We count them as visitors.

It was really fun having them. They are moving down here from Utah in June and we can't wait to have family so close! We ate good food, played the Wii, and just talked. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures. I'm so bad at remembering to take them. To be honest though, things were a little busy. I watched their little boy for them while they were gone looking for housing during the day, and in the evenings I was off to Enrichment and Mutual.

The only downside of the week was me getting sick. I started feeling "ugh" on Monday and it wouldn't go away. It was that "nothing sounds good and if I eat it gives me a stomach ache" feeling. Not cool. Well I was so not feeling good Wednesday, especially at mutual, and when I came home I totally started throwing up, which is VERY RARE for me. Bo actually made the comment that he'd never seen me throw up before. Yeah. Sorry Jackie and Lincoln. I felt like crap all day today too, and after trying to eat this morning I was back to the bathroom for more heaving. I don't know how people can handle being like this for any of their pregnancy. It's killing me and it's been what, 3 days?

After dropping off my company at the airport today, I was finally starting to feel better and was cleaning up my house. I picked up a random object and was carrying it down the hall when I accidently dropped it on my foot. Oh my gosh it hurt/hurts. It smashed one of my toes and caused it to bleed under the nail. Seriously friends, it hurts like crazy. I'm attaching a wonderful picture to show the toe. I'm sure I'll lose the nail. So go me. It's just my luck to be sick when company is here and then as soon as I think I'm getting better to totally get hurt.

On the bright side, I was able to eat a little ramen for dinner. Not much for healthy, but at least it was food.
It's the middle toe, in case you can't see. Ignore the scratch on the big toe, that was from last week at the store.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

One Year Down

As of this past Friday afternoon, Bo is officially done with his first year of Medical School!!! YAY BO!!!! I'm so proud of you honey! You are the best husband, friend, and father, and we're (Carter and I) just so happy for you and well, proud! You're a stud!
Bo did awesome this year in his classes. He is taking two preceptorships (where he follows a doctor around and gets credit for it) during his 2 month summer vacation. Not much of a summer vacation, but it gets him ahead and gives him valuable experience. Not to mention it gives us 2 extra months off in his fourth year. He is also going to be tutoring other students getting ready for their first year in Aug. Good luck Bo and congrats!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Freckles and a "tan"

So I'm starting to notice a few freckles on Carters cheeks and nose. Not a lot, but some. Now while I do think a few freckles are cute, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that's all he'll get. . . a FEW. We do not want him to end up like me people. I was so happy when Carter was born because he had dark hair, and because of the dark hair, I've always been so sure he'll end up being like Bo. Bo was blonde as a kid too. With these freckles I'm all out of whack!! Please don't let him be called freckle face!!! The only thing keeping me sane is that Bo has a few too, so maybe there's still hope that they will stay only minimal and he can end up cute like his dad. Keep your fingers crossed!

On the bright side. . . I'm getting a tan!!! Well lets be honest, a tan for me really isn't a tan for most. You can probably put my leg up to anyones and mine will still be the whiter leg, but compared to my stomach it's darker!! The biggest highlight is my sandal tan. My feet are the only spot on me that really actually does get a full fledged tan that people can actually notice. Random, I know. I have a sandal tan already, so my self esteem has boosted so much!

I have attached a picture of my "tan" along with pictures of my attempts to catch Carter's freckles on the camera. Yes, I know, you really can't see the freckles in the pictures, but trust me, they're there.

I was trying to get Carter to let me take a picture of his nose, and this is the face he would give me. haha.

Is it gross I put up a picture of my foot? I'm just so proud. Really, for someone who can't tan, this is a big deal! And no comments please on how it's not that big of a tan, because it is!

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus