Saturday, June 28, 2014


The other day Derrick told me "no."
I gasped and then told him that he doesn't get to say no to mommy.
He responded by telling me to "relax." !!!!!!  Oh boy. It was really hard not to laugh to that response.  He is too young for this!

Officially moving!!

Yesterday we left Indiana!   We didn't end up taking off till like noon, thanks to all the luggage and last minute errands.
We will miss Indiana and all of our wonderful friends there.
Now we are headed to Utah for a Baker family reunion for a few days, and then in the 4th we will be driving to Washington!
Last night's stop was Des Moines, IOWA.  today's goal is Cheyenne, WY.

Friday, June 27, 2014


The other day Carter noticed that the clock read 11:11 (a.m.).  I told them to make a wish.
Carter's wish was for "6 thousand billion dollars."
Meg wished to become a fairy.
I love my kids!!  Their wishes totally match their personalities.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Splash pad time at the zoo!

Today we met up at the zoo with a bunch of friends to say goodbye to our wonderful friends, the McRaes. They finished with their residency too (ENT)  and are headed to Utah.  Megan did dance and preschool with their daughter, Julia, and i have enjoyed having Becky as a very dear friend.
I also took some pics of the kids with their friends, because i don't know if they'll all get together before we leave next week.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Crazy times

This past Thursday evening I found out my cousin was just a few hours north of us (Chicago ) and heading to Washington with an empty 40 ft trailer. I promptly called him and convinced him to come down to us in Indy and pick up our belongings. In three hours. With 2 weeks still to go here in Indiana. Yes, yes I did.
The call happened at 5 pm, Carter had a baseball game at 6, and my cousins projected time to arrive was 8:30. Yes,I was stressed . And Bo was at work.
I got home from the game at 8, Jordan and company showed up at 8:30, and with the help of my dear friend Lindsay Dockter and my visiting teachers, we had the trailer loaded up by 10:30 that night. If I hadn't already had my house all packed from our move from our house to the rental, there's no way this would've happened.
Now and for the next two weeks we are living on borrowed camping chairs, air mattresses,and sleeping bags. We have nothing. We are basically camping in this house. :)  good thing its summer!

Last night I took the kids to the park for dinner and while megs was playing on the monkey bars, she fell and hurt her arm. Bo put a splint  on it this morning,and tomorrow I will probably take her in to get it x-rayed.

So yes, I'd say things are crazy here!
And JUST NOW Perry rolled over for the first time.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


I've been meaning, and meaning, and meaning, to post the stats of my children from their well child checkups these last few months, but with the move going on, I keep forgetting.  So here they are, and not in a fun creative way (because I don't have time for that), but in a boring but informative way.

weight: 54 lbs. -- 25-50 percentile
Height: 4' .5" -- 10-25 percentile
BMI 16 --50-75 percentile
weight: 36 lbs -- 75-90 %
height: 3'2" -- 50%
BMI 17 -- 75-90%
1 month:
weight: 10 lbs 14.5 oz. -- 75%
Height:  22" -- 50 -75%
HC: 15.25" -- 75-90%
2 month:
weight: 14 lbs.1.5 oz. --75-90%
height: 24" -- 75-90%
HC: 16" -- 90%
There you have it.  I have chubby kids, but healthy kids.  Megan doesn't have stats because her checkup is in September.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The epic story of selling our house

We sold our house.  Fast.  Way fast.  Shockingly fast.
So When Perry was like a week and half old (end of Feb), and my mom was with us, I got some texts from my realtor saying he was going out of town the end of March (when we were wanting to list our house) and asked if we would be up to listing it before he left.  He was leaving out of town like the 20th or something.  I told him sure, why not, thinking that meant we'd list like March 17th or something.  He then asked if he and his photographer could come by in a couple of days.  So the following Tuesday, March 4th, our realtor came over with his photographer and they started taking pictures and having us go over the paperwork.  THANK GOODNESS my mom was still with us and able to help me get my house all cleaned and ready for pictures. There is just no way I would've been able to do this by myself. Perry was 2 weeks old!!!  At the end of pictures and paper signing, we asked my realtor when he was thinking of listing, and his response was "we'll go live tomorrow."  WHAT????  So instead of listing our house in a few weeks, we were selling it that week.  Oh my goodness. 
My mom left the next day, and from that afternoon on, we started having a huge flood of requests to show our house.  We were in shock at the response.  By Saturday afternoon/early evening, after just 4 showings, we had 2 offers to our home.  Because keeping the house spotless and having to leave with a NEWBORN was soooooo hard, we jumped on the better offer, which was a good one too, and just like that, our house was sold.  Four days on the market. FOUR DAYS!!!  We had 4 or 5 scheduled showings for Sunday, with a couple more on Monday and Tuesday that we immediately canceled.  The person wanting our house wanted it early April, but luckily we were able to extend it to the end of April.  After that, the real craziness began. Packing, packing, finding a temporary place to live for 2 months, and more packing!!  A lady I Visit Teach has some homes she rents out, and one of them was available, so she very wonderfully let us rent from her for May and June. What a blessing.  So now, for the past two months, we've been living at this small rental (1200 sq. feet) with all our boxes in the garage.  We have been living on the bare minimum of things, and let me tell you, I am so burnt out of this.  I'm ready to be done with living in boxes!!
But I wouldn't trade it for anything.  The pressure of selling our house is over.  I have stressed out about selling that house since we first moved in, and it's a relief to have it over with. 
Apparently the housing market for our town is super hot.  As soon as our house was sold, I immediately told my fellow resident friends who were moving too, and so they jumped on it and listed their homes too.  Their homes also sold in record time too, one being on the market for only 3 days!  Avon, Indiana is the place to be, I guess. 
I realized after I had packed our home, that I never was able to take pictures of it, so my realtor sent over the ones that the photographer took.  Here are the pictures!! Luckily since there was still snow, I didn't even have to do yard work or new mulch or anything to make it more appealing. SWEET.  We also had bought paint and stuff to put on the dry wall in the garage, but we had never been able to do it because of this winter being the longest winter ever.  We had planned on doing it in March, but again, since our house sold so fast and without us doing it, we didn't have to do it after all.  Score again!  So many projects that we had planned to do, but couldn't either because of the weather or me being preggo, didn't get done, and ended up not getting done and our house still sold.  So awesome.  In retrospect though, I'm wishing we would have sold our house for more.  I bet we could have.  No one knew the market would be so hot though, and that's just part of the gamble with selling your house.  We sold it for a good price though, and really, to have it out of our hair so fast works just fine.
Here's the pictures!

Kids' bathroom upstairs.

Megan's bedroom

Carter and Derrick's room

View of our living room and front room from the fireplace.  In the front room were bookshelves, a recliner, and our desk. We made it into a sort of study.  When we bought the house, it had been used as a dining room, but we took out the chandelier and converted into the office/study area.

Living Room


Laundry room/pantry.  Awesome room. This room is twice the size of this picture with a long row of pretty cabinets to put my food storage in.

Upstairs view of playroom/loft.  We actually chose this house because of this huge room upstairs. In the background you can see Carter's room and the doors to the kids bathroom and meg's room.  

Opposite side of the playroom upstairs.  The bouncy house was up here in that spot.

Master bathroom

Master Bedroom.  Our room was really big. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Park time!

Its the perfect weather to be outside at the park!!!  We're going to miss the Daleys, who are our great friends and who we babysit swap with!

Friday, June 6, 2014

More Easter

Easter this year was very chill.  We dyed some eggs (all variations of green, yellow, and blue since we were out of red...), went to the ward Easter party and did an egg hunt, had a yummy ham dinner, and then proceeded to eat lots of deviled eggs and egg salad sandwiches in the week to come.  The Easter bunny also decided to be low key this year.  The bunny must've known that we'd be moving in 3 days and that I didn't want junk or hyper children everywhere, so instead of getting tons of candy and gifts, they each got a little bit of candy and two toys, compliments of the dollar section of Target. :)  The kids were very pleased with their baskets too!  Why, oh why, have I tried so hard in the past?  They were thrilled with their gum, Reese's Peieces, and Cadburry Eggs.  Megan loved her stuffed bunny (which was like the size of your fist) and stickers, Derrick had tons of fun with his silly putty and etch a sketch, and Carter was in heaven with his baseball cards.  So simple, so fun.  AWESOME.
I love matching outfits, which Bo thinks is a little crazy, so of course the kids had to have matching Easter outfits.  Orange and white was the theme this year, and I think they turned out darling.  But then again, my kids are darling in whatever. hahaaa. :)
Oh yes, I do think the story of the Egg hunt is a funny one. When they let all the kids go and get the eggs, Derrick passed so many prime eggs because he was on a mission to only get the orange eggs. :)  It took A LOT of convincing to get him to pick up any other colors, and by the time this was done, most of the eggs were gone anyways, so he ended up with like 7 or 8, but he was fine with that.  So funny, and yet also frustrating since I'm competitive and I didn't want him missing out. WHY?  Why am I like that?  You'd think I'd be happy he didn't have so much candy.  sheesh. :)  Megan also didn't end up with many eggs.  Before the hunt began, the Primary President had told all the kids they could each have 15 eggs, and then when everyone had 15 eggs, THEN they could get more.  Well Megs was so worried about that number and making sure she only got 15, that every time she picked up an egg, she'd count all her eggs. EVERY TIME, EVERY EGG.  This meant that by the time she had like 7, all the eggs were gone.  Oh that girl, she was devastated.  She was trying so hard to obey the rules, she ended up getting ripped off by them.  Luckily we found some kids that had waaaaaay more than their share who were willing to give Megs and Derrick enough to add up to their 15 egg quota.  Carter also stuck to the rules, and only got 15, when all the other kids in his age group had at least 2 dozen.  I was so proud of my kids that day.  What little wonderful rule followers!!  I must be doing something right....

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus