Saturday, March 30, 2019

Back to life, back to reality!

And just like that, it's back to soccer season time.  It's Perry's first time ever playing, and he's just so fun to watch.  His only drive is to kick that ball hard. Derrick has been playing for over a year now and is really showing some progress. I was watching one of his games last night, and man he is fast!  
Carter is also quite fun to watch.  It's a lot less frustrating watching him play than Perry, since he knows what he's actually supposed to be doing. haha.  Carter rocks at soccer.  He has the best footwork.  He's getting tall too and it's a new experience watching him be one of taller boys on the field. He plays the whole game as top defender and he's good at it.  
Megan isn't playing soccer this season.  She finished up her basketball and is doing gymnastics, so she's pretty busy.
Never imagined I'd be a soccer mom, basketball yes, but not soccer, and I'm LOVING it.  

Monday, February 11, 2019

That Perry Boy

Perry: Mom, do you love me?
Me:  I do! I love you very much.
Perry: Oh good.  I love you too!  I got you these flowers!

Me:  Perry, I love you so much!
Perry:  I love you forever and the most.  

Thank heavens for his sweet words, because honestly, I haven't been feeling it too much from him and some of the others.  I think its moments like these that the Lord steps in and gives my kids gentle nudges to remind me that I am, in fact loved.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ready and Waiting

Don't worry friends, Perry is ready to come visit at a moment's notice.  That's right, inside his handy little back pack is his blankie, his underwear, and even his socks.  Yep, he's ready to go.  
The other day, after months and months of talking to Bo about wanting to visit my sister Libby in California, I finally found a good price and bought the tickets.  Unfortunately for Perry, he doesn't quite understand time just yet, and doesn't realize that the trip isn't until the end of May and that it is going to be a loooong time for that little boy to wait.  So he's ready.  He's ready now.  A couple nights ago I went in to tuck him in bed after he had been asleep for awhile and I found him half leaning off of the bed.  I reached over to lift him up and straighten him, and when I did that, he came up with his hand tightly, and I mean tightly, clamped on the handle of the backpack, which had been on the floor, and hence the reason he was half off the bed.  Adorable and funny. I love this buddy and enjoy him so much.  

Monday, April 9, 2018

Proud to be a Soccer Mom

Since moving to Texas in March of 2017, I constantly get the question, "You have how many kids??!!" Yes, I have four kids.  And let me tell you something, I am LUCKY that I have four kids.  I have four beautiful, healthy, funny and smart kids.  And I love each and every one of them.  
Most of the time I get those questions from other parents, when they see me running around like a crazy lady when I'm taking my children to their various sporting activities.  And I get it, taking 3 of my kids to their different practices almost every day does make me look like a crazy lady, and quite possibly act like a crazy lady, to these people.  A majority, and I mean big majority, of the parents on the teams only have one or two kids total. 
I've had people give me looks and some make comments.  They don't mean harm, but they make it quite obvious that me having this many kids and having them this involved (in sports) is ridiculous. But here's the thing, I love sports.  I really do, and so does my husband.  Both of us were very athletic when we were younger, and our kids have been shown to have a talent for this too.  Perry, my youngest, was kicking a ball around at just 13 months.  So do I just say, too bad kids, I'm tired from having so many children and your talents just need to go to waste because I don't want to go to practice from 6-9 tonight? NO! That's not fair to them.  They LOVE playing soccer.  They love basketball. Right now Megan is loving softball.  If I thought taking them to their activities was an inconvenience to me, then I really shouldn't have become a parent, because man, staying up all night is super inconvenient.  
So guess what, I don't care if I look like a crazy lady.  My kids are happy.  They are worth every mad rush to practice, every freezing cold soccer game, every hard bleacher seat, every weeknight and Saturday.  All of it. My kids are worth it.  And you know what? I love it.  I love watching them practice and work hard and then see that work payoff in the games.  I love it. 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Today's update.

Carter. Oh, that Carter bug. If there was ever a kid who had serious self confidence, it would be him. He rules the house, or so he thinks. But he can also be my hardest worker and most obedient. He loves soccer and Pokemon. He is really into Pokemon Go. He is very tender with Perry and I just love to watch those two together. Carter is also obsessed with our chickens and turkeys. Especially the turkey. He goes out at least 4 times a day to check on the coop and collect eggs and pet the turkey. It is so fun. 
Megs. That girl still has the absolute best imagination. She can and does play for hours with her toys. It's so fun to watch her just interact with herself. Haha. She gets to be a flower girl this weekend for Golden's wedding this next weekend, and between that and her 8th birthday in a week and a half, she is just so excited for life she can't contain herself. So she's our happy girl. She loves Perry too. She lives to sit and read to him and okay house with him. 
Derrick has been having a hard time this summer. He has not really liked having Megan and Carter home and back in his space. He likes order and peace, and those two home have been disrupting his. But, he is getting better. He starts kindergarten and is super excited. I'm really nervous for him. I don't know how he'll handle all the people and no space. We shall see!  He is still such a sweet and tender hearted boy. 
Perry. Oh my Perry. He is one spoiled little boy. He has everyone wrapped around his cute little fingers. He is obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with airplanes and trains. He also just loves being outside. He'll be the only child left at home, and I'm pretty sure he is going to be one lonely kid. He's used to having his siblings at his beck and call. But I'm excited for some one on one time. 
And so that's our updates!

Grant County Fair

Ivin's family and Mine met up at my parents for the triplets birthday and for some good county fair time!!! We saw animals, a magic show, watched the kids compete in a tractor pull, ate space burgers and snow cones, and of course had cotton candy. Fun was had by all, but the heat got the best of us, and after a few hours we were DONE. Still, it was a great trip. 

Grant County's Demolition Derby!

Bo had the day of the Demolition Derby off for the Grant County fair, so we took the kids and headed to my parents for a couple days to go to the fair and the derby. Luckily for us, Ivin's triplets also had their birthday the day before the demo, so they came to my parents too so that we could all celebrate together. It was a fun day and night. The kids loved seeing the cars crash. Christina was introduced to this red neck past time, and I'm pretty sure she got more into it than we did. Hahaaa. I'll try to post fair picks later. 

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus