Monday, December 21, 2015

Conversations with Meg.

"Mom!  There's some boys at school who are in love with me and are trying to get me to fall in love with them!"
"Oh yeah? How do you know?"
"Because they dress really nice and then walk by me. (She giggles. Shoot, I giggle). They want me to see how nice they are and fall in love!"

This next conversation happened in church. 
"Mom, did you know that they have these machines that can MAKE clothes and that they sell them at the store???"
"Yes, they're called sewing machines. They sew cloth and material together, not paper though (Megs clothing making material)."  
"Can we get one????"  
She's forever the fashionista. Poor girl was born to the wrong mother. 

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus