Thursday, October 16, 2014

4th of July

We left the reunion on July 3rd, went and picked up our new van, and headed up to Washington, ready to be done with moving.  We passed one of Bo's new workplaces as we drove to Terra's (Bo's sister).  The picture is the of the Kadlec Freestanding ER.  About 1/3 of his shifts per month are there.  We got to Terra's late on the 3rd, spent the night and hung out for a bit in the morning before heading over to our new place, which is a townhome just around the block from Terra.
We unpacked as quickly as we could and then headed out with Bo's Mom and her husband Reed, along with Bo's sister, Michelle, and her family to go see some fireworks at a nearby park.
Below are pictures of the ER, the kids waiting for fireworks, Derrick and Perry sleeping after a long day of unpacking, our beautiful new van, Perry and Clara (who are about 2 weeks apart!) and Megan with her cousins, Brielle and Hallie.

 our new van!!

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