Thursday, January 31, 2013

Carter is 7!

Carter turned 7 a couple of weeks ago. SEVEN!  And while I've been getting ready for his birthday, planning his party, and shopping for him, it wasn't until the day after his birthday that it hit me: I have only one year until my baby turns 8 and is baptized!!!!!  Holy smokes.  Crazy planning mode then went into action. Now my mind is consumed with trying to figure out a way to convince Bo that we should fly to Washington and have Carter baptized there.  These things need to be thought out in advance. :) Especially so that I don't have a huge emotional breakdown next year. 
Anyways... Carter's birthday was on a Thursday this year, so we decided to have his party with friends on Friday, and just do a little family celebration on his actual birthday.  Unfortunately Bo had to work the entire day that day, but I made him skip a morning meeting so at least he could wish Carter a happy birthday and see him open his presents.  Carter got spoiled by us and his grandparents and Aunt Bridget and Uncle Whitney.  Nerf guns, an ant farm, a science kit, Lego's, and an Indianapolis Colts shirt, since he has proclaimed that as his favorite football team (we're trying to brainwash him into liking the Seahawks, no worries). Lucky boy. He is still giddy about his gifts.
After school I took the kids to MacDonald's for dinner, then we went to the grocery store and picked out ice cream and cupcakes and went home to celebrate. It was a low fuss day and Carter loved it.  Don't worry, he got a huge party the next day and that will be my next post... in like a month.  hahahaa just kidding.
Carterbug, yes I still call you that and good luck getting rid of it, I love you so much and just think you are the best little buddy.  You are funny, silly, smart, caring, competitive, gentle, crazy, athletic, clever, and just a little daring. :) You make me so proud to be your mom.  You are a GREAT big brother to Megan and Derrick, and you are always so tender and loving to us in need.  (side note..a couple weeks ago I was REALLY sick, and I had hurt my elbow really really bad, so I was in bed crying, holding my arm, and praying Bo would come home from work on time.  Carter, you saw me crying, knew I had hurt my arm and that I was having a rough day, and so you went downstairs, unasked, and got me some ice in a baggie, wrapped it up in a dish towel, and brought it up to me. You then hugged me and went and entertained your siblings. AMAZING and so tender!).  You are a great light in this family.  You are a leader to your friends and siblings.  You are the best.  I love you!!!

Megs giving Carter a kiss. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Years!

During the day, the day of New Years Eve, we joined our friends the Adams to celebrate the coming new year at the Children's Museum.  Apparently the museum does a big celebration at noon and one pm so that the kids get to celebrate bringing in the new year.  Carter and his friends, and even me, got to get on the stage and sing some songs, and we topped off the event with sliding down the Yule slide.
We had a great time and love having good friends to hang out with!!

My random pictures! again...

I think we need a new camera....
So here are some pictures from right after Christmas.  Yeah.....
My parents came for a few days during the Christmas holidays, and here are some pictures I found of them leaving.  I also threw in some pictures of the kids and me playing Just Dance 4 on the Wii.  We are pretty rad at that game. 
I love in the second picture of us dancing that we are all doing different moves, and that in the pictures with my parents, Derrick has some mysterious thing in his mouth in one but not the other. I just love my family!

Friday, January 18, 2013

No pictures!

I have some random pictures that I want to upload, plus a bunch for other posts, and I can't upload them.  I go to the upload link, and it only gives me options to get pictures from webcam, phone, picasa, etc, but NO options to just get them straight from my computer.  Is this a new thing?  Is this just a glich going on.  Has anyone else experienced it, and does anyone know how to fix it???

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus