Monday, April 27, 2009


I leave for Washington tomorrow!!! YAY! I will be playing and having fun AFTER about 9 hours of traveling with two kids.
Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I had to hijack the blog real quick and post this picture of the totally awesome tower Carter and I made and then knocked over. We have tons of fun while Cassidy's at mutual. Now I gotta go before I get caught.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Easter was a blast! Okay, maybe not the whole waking up at 6:30 in the am, but the rest of it went great!!
The day started out with Carter and Megan checking out their Easter baskets, okay mostly Carter, and ended with a big party! Carter got some candy, a shark towel, cars, and a book. Megan got a hippo towel, some Gerber puffs (she LOVES those), a toy, and new shoes.
After church I took a few pics of the kids in their Easter outfits and then it was nap time for them and Easter dinner prep for me.
We had some (some--ha!) friends over for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. I think there were more eggs at our house then there were at the ward party! Okay maybe not, but Carter certainly did a better job finding them the second time around (he'd had his first hunt the day before at the ward party).
So that was our Easter. It was really fun and we were dead tired by the end of it.
I tried really hard to explain to Carter the REAL reason we celebrate Easter and just how important the Savior is in our lives. I don't think it sunk in that much. Oh well. He's three.
These first three pics were taken at the ward party.

mmmmm baby. CANDY!!

This just cracked me up! This guy put one of the eggs on his head and NONE of the kids noticed for like 10 min. They all ran past him to find the eggs.

Easter morning. Bo and Megan look so tired. Carter and the cowboy hat. Oh he is funny.

It looks like he's the only one having fun. haha.

Easter outfits. They didn't get them for Easter because I had professional pictures taken earlier in them. I didn't want to confuse Carter. It was raining so Meg had a sweater on. The dress has darling sleeves.

I told Carter to give Meg a kiss and she totally mauled him!! That's how she gives kisses. I love it! I love my kids!

You won't believe me, but I actually DID NOT pose them this way. All Carter. Man my kids are cute!
Bri--notice the tongue??? hahaha

Carter with his pirate hat. Of course. When does he NOT have it on???

Everyone after the egg hunt in our backyard. It was such a lovely afternoon. It had rained all morning so we were really nervous, but the sun came out just in time and made it perfect!

Their new towels!! This was actually the first time they've taken a bath together too. Megan LOVED playing with the toys and splashing. It was her first time sitting up in the bath.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Move over Bo!

Bo has been demoted to second place in the best friend category. That's right people, I have a new best friend.

The Terminix guy came yesterday!!! He is now number one and will remain in that spot as long as he keeps coming and those bugs keep dying!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We love pictures!!

I've had like 4 posts in a row with no pictures. Sorry, none of these are of the house. I just feel nervous about posting those because 1) the people who used to live here will see them and I love those guys and still feel awkward that I'm living in their house, and 2) I don't have my pictures on the walls yet and I still have little piles everywhere. I just don't think I'm ready!
So without further ado, I give you some random pictures!
This picture cracks me up! Maybe you can't tell, but Carter totally has a butt crack in his diaper! He was reaching for something and Bo and I saw it and busted up laughing. We just had to get a picture. Those pants are his pirate costume pants. Yep. That's my boy!

Carter and I made this one morning during Meg's nap time. I thought it was pretty cool.

They're sort of playing together! I think this pic is tender. Ignore Carter's weird expression. haha.

Isn't she just sooooo cute!!! Basking in the sun.

We had some friends over to enjoy the nice weather outside. Sorry for the butt shot, Sequoia! Carter and Phoenix's head are in the back.

Game night with some friends. Meg was winning, hence the smile!

Carter unrolled the toilet paper all the way down the hall. Isn't he too old for that? It's actually a first for us.

We got him this kid's trampoline to help expend some of that extra energy he seems to have.

I think this is the best picture of all! I got Meg to take a bottle!! She hasn't been super consistent with it since this pic, but it's still progress!

Bo and I were in the other room playing Disney DDR when this happened. I was feeding Meg but had decided to take a short break, for said game, and Carter had decided to give her her own spoon full of peaches. She apparently had a good time. It was even in her hair!

Monday, April 6, 2009

I need a break

I was so impatient for Bo to get home today. I wanted to just get in the car and go somewhere ALONE so bad, I can't even put into words how bad. I am BURNT OUT.
Of course when Bo finally did get home I was feeling so guilty, especially about the idea of leaving him with the kids, that I didn't go anywhere.
I haven't been alone in a LONG time. A long one. A really Really REALLY long time.
When times get like this I often think of the pioneer women. I'm sure they had hard times too, and those poor women didn't even get to fantasize about the idea of getting in a car and going to the store. Nope. Stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no phone to call friends or car to drive. How did they do it?
Then I think "Gird up your loins" and "endure to the end".
I think my parents have drilled the whole pioneer heritage in me a little too much.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Don't laugh. . .
Bo gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas, yes Christmas, for $15. This was to be used for music downloads to put on my new phone and well just for fun.
Well. . ..
I still haven't used it! I'm too nervous. This is ridiculous, I know, but I just don't know what music to get! There's so many choices! Not to mention I am kinda out of it. So it still hasn't been used. I could spend it on something else, but I really want music.

So I'm asking you, my friends and whoever else, what is your favorite song? What would you get?

I'd tell you what I like, but then that would influence your decision.

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus