Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Poor Megs

So Megan was running around with Derrick today, being crazy, when she ran smack into the corner of a wall.  My poor baby. She cut her lip enough that it bled a lot, which freaked her out. :) Bo ended up super gluing it. I'm just hoping the tooth she says really hurts doesn't go black and that her eye doesn't go black either. Good thing i had already canceled our family pictures!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Megan is 5!!!

Bo and I begged and pleaded with this little girl to remain 4, but she wouldn't have it.  She has been looking forward to turning 5 since, oh, about the day after she turned 4.  No joke.  She did tell Bo and me and that she would stay 5 forever though. :) 
Megan had a quiet little birthday at home on the actual day of her birthday.  She went to church, came home, woke up dad (he had an overnight shift the night before), opened her presents, and then played and played and played until it was cake time.  For her cake she chose to have a specially ordered blizzard ice cream cake from Dairy Queen (I may have had some influence on this choice. haha).  She wanted a cookie dough ice cream cake, and then she requested it be decorated in pinks and purples, with butterflies and flowers on top too.  Such a girl. :)  She was VERY pleased with the end results too.
Later that week a friend and I threw a combined party for our birthday kids.  Megan and Ander Walker both had their birthdays within 3 days and they were in the same preschool group together, so it just made sense to do a fun "little" party at the park after preschool one day.  Megs and Ander had their friends come over to the park and they played, had pizza and grapes and carrots, hit the piƱata, and opened their presents.  The day was great EXCEPT it was like almost 90 degrees so we were dying in the heat.  I know, compared to TX it might not have been as bad, but it gets humid here too, and when you've been enjoying high 70's the days before, a sudden jump to 90 is just a lot to deal with.  Plus, it gets humid here too. 
So that was Megan's 5th birthday.  For presents she got some Barbie puzzles and a Barbie magnet doll kit that she LOVES from Grandma Sandy.  From us she got a lamp, some new pink boots, the Barbie and the Pink Shoes movie AND corresponding Barbie doll, and a pink sparkly purse.  From her friends at the party she got a cool Cinderella jewelry box, a Rapunzel doll, a Rapunzel Barbie, a Hello Kitty coloring book, bubbles and butterfly net, a Polly Pocket, and her favorite....GUM.  :)  She got spoiled.  I always try NOT to spoil them, but then it just gets carried away. eh.
Megs, you are VERY loved and cherished.  Your Daddy and I adore you.  We consider you one of the biggest blessings in our lives.  You are sweet, you are funny, you are adventurous.  You are a girly girl, and yet some of your best friends are boys.  You do fight with Carter, but you also look up to him so much.  You are best friends with Derrick, and can often be found playing with him in your room, or out in the loft upstairs making "houses" or forts. Seriously, you make houses or forts EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  If you are making them downstairs, you often, no, ALWAYS, use the couch cushions. You like to pretend you're an animal of some sort.  The other day you were a flying pink horse.  Yes, all true.  You get Derrick to go around with you, pretending to be puppies or kitties too.  You often have the most darling smile on your face. :)  You are smart.  Super smart.  You could be reading like a pro right now if I were a better mother.  As it is, you are trying with all your heart to sound words out and make sense of the things around you.  You are stubborn. Oh, so stubborn.  But this is a good thing.  When you have your mind set on something, you will not be swayed from it. I hope you apply this to your testimony and your love and loyalty to those around you.  You do that so well right now.
You have the best testimony, and give the sweetest little prayers at night.  You really do know that Jesus loves you.
Thank you for being our darling girl.  Here's to many more years!!!!

 Derrick got some random bug bite on his eyebrow and leg and both got so swollen that I eventually had to get him on antibiotics.

 Ander Walker and Megan.

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus