Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why I sometimes don't comment

For some reason when I go to comment on blogs, not all of them, but some, blogger won't let me comment. Why is that? Does anyone know? It is SO FRUSTRATING. If you know, please help me figure out how to fix it!
Rachel J, Lib, Whit, Bridget's new blog, and so many more... that's why i'm not leaving comments.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Meg turns 3!

I can't believe our little girl is THREE.

She is such a fun, sweet, goofy, considerate, loving little girl. We have really enjoyed having her in our lives.

Meg has been looking forward to her birthday for MONTHS. She had requested a princess birthday, so a princess birthday is what she got! I was originally going to invite a bunch of the girls from our ward, who are her age, over for a party, but I know my Meg, and she's kinda shy and I'm pretty confident a bunch of people she didn't know super well would make her uncomfortable. Instead we just invited another family over that we're really close with, the Humphreys. They are EM first year residents too.

I blew up some balloons the night before, along with decorating the house with pink streamers. She was pretty excited! After Carter got on the bus, we met Bo (he was on his way home from a night shift) at a donut place and had a fun breakfast, complete with pink donuts.

After lunch it was present time! She was really spoiled with all the princess things she got. She got a little Belle princess figure, princess pj's and a princess notebook and crayons from Grandma Sandy, a high chair for her dolls, a princess/fairy dress, and her most favorite gift was a little convertible car that she now has all her little people ride in.

The day ended with pizza, cake and ice cream, and sneaking up to her room to eat the starburst that the Humphreys gave her with her present. :)

We love you Megan-girl! You are so much fun to be with. Happy Birthday!

Donuts for breakfast! Could life get any better?
Apparently it does!

Her stash.

Meg and her friend, Layna. I'm pretty sure it took Megan at least 4 blows to get those candles out! haha

Monday, September 12, 2011

More Children's Museum

I don't know if I posted enough pictures with this blog....
We took another trip to the Children's Museum. Man, it would've been nice having a place like this when I was a kid! The price you pay to live in a small farming community. My kids have no clue how good they have it. :)
Anyways, like I've said before, this place is great. My kids are always begging to go here. I think I might actually be going again with just Meg this week. We have to hit up the Barbie section one more time before they close it down to make room for a new exhibit. Frogs. Pssshh. Like that could EVER compare to Barbie. ;)
So yeah, here are some pictures of the fun time we had the other day. This time we went to the science section, a part we hadn't been to before, so that was fun.

Carter was obsessed with the hula hoops.

Pretending to be asleep.

This was a tunnel where they could look into a pond and see fish.

My couch potatoes.

You could move this truck by peddling with your hands. Carter LOVED it.

Carter is steering the crane.

Playing with the water. If you pulled on the ropes, you could move buckets of water. Kind of hard, hence me having to use my foot to help pull, in the picture below.

Building a boat.

Garden lovin'

One of the very first things my dad and Bo did when we moved into our new home was plant a garden. Bo has been looking forward to having a garden for quite sometime, and after it was planted, he seriously gave the garden every spare moment of attention he could spend. It was so funny. He'd come home and head straight out back to go check on how the garden was doing.
The moment it started producing, he was in heaven! We have had so many cucumbers that we're quite sick of them. :) I've got like 8 bags of frozen chopped zucchini so that I can make bread anytime. And the tomatoes! We have had TONS of tomatoes. If the weather stays warm, we should continue to keep having them. We have dozens of green tomatoes on the plants right now. And FINALLY our green peppers are growing. I don't know quite know if they'll make it before Fall, but one can hope. Next year we vow to start the garden early.
Anyways, here's a picture taken way back when we were first getting produce.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rasberry Picking!

While my mom was here, I took advantage of her help and went to a local farm that lets you pick your own raspberries! This place was pretty cool. Obviously you still had to pay for the stuff you picked, but you should have seen the many things they had there. They had scores and scores of apple fields, along with quite a few raspberry patches, pumpkin patches, a pond that you could fish out of, and so much more.
We didn't end up getting that much raspberries because it was mostly just my mom picking. haha. Carter was pretty good for awhile, but then he got a hold of the camera. Meg... yeah she was no help. She kept wanting to pick the little white ones, you know, the ones that aren't even CLOSE to being ripe. She thought they were "cute little baby ones." (imagine me smacking my forehead). That girl. I didn't pick hardly any either, since that was when my back was really bad.
We only picked about a half of a buckets worth when it was all over, but it was enough to have a good time, get out of the house, and to make yummy raspberry milkshakes (go figure) and a peach-raspberry pie with. YUM.
Now that my back is better, we'll have to go again, and this time be serious about it! We want some jam!

My mom, Carter, and Meg. Don't those bushes look pathetic? Yeah, we're having a drought here in Indiana, and apparently it has made the raspberry patches kindof pathetic and small. After this picture was taken we found some bigger bushes.

Meg holding whatever she and I collected. We really had quite a pathetic pile of raspberries.

This is what Meg did pretty much the whole time.

These next photos are compliments of Carter's mad skills.

Yeah, Derrick wasn't such a fan of our adventure, and even less of a fan of Carter sticking the camera in his face. But isn't that the cutest face?????

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus