Friday, October 30, 2009

And it begins.

So last night we started off the Halloween weekend with some trick or treating and a carnival that one of the colleges on the island (Texas A&M- Galveston) hosted. It started at 7, so Bo was a little hesitant to take the kiddos, seeing as it was their bedtimes, I convinced him we should go, so away we went!!

It started off with trick or treating in the dorms, and then we moved on to the Gym to where the carnival was, complete with a bouncy house, which Carter bounced in for like a half hour. It was a ton of fun. I was way shocked. I thought the kids would come away with a little candy, but MAN, they came away with each of their buckets FULL. W.O.W. And it's only Thursday night. Now if I run out of treats for the trick or treaters on Saturday, I know where to get my spare. . . haha.

Megan stole the show. She was D.A.R.L.I.N.G. in her penguin costume. People kept taking her picture. Carter? Well he wanted to be Superman for Halloween, but last night? Noooooo. He had to be a pirate. So a pirate he was, matey, and a whole lot of treasure he found. Arrr.

When we got home that night I did what I always did growing up, I spread out all of Carter's candy and organized it, to show him what he got. Bo was so confused. He was wondering what I was doing and making fun of me. Seriously? Is my family the only family that came home and spread out the candy on the floor, organized it, and then bartered it?? That's what we did. I loved Milky Ways, but not Snickers. Golden was opposite. So we traded. 3 for 3. Sometimes we'd get good and barter 3 Nerds for one Reese's, or in Libby's case, we'd get 3 Reese's for one Nerds. hahahaa. Such fun. Nobody else did this? Bo's family apparently did not. huh. Sad. That is not going to be a repeat in MY house. There will be loot to be sorted and traded. haha.

Now we're off to our ward party and trunk- or - treat!!! And what Carter will be, well your guess is as good as ours.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a fun post Cassidy. I'm a sorter and barterer myself. How in the world did Bo ever get rid of the candy he didn't like?

DJ and Melissa said...

That was us too. Plus we had to look at each piece and make sure it didn't have any tears in the plastic or "pin" marks.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I think Bo is in the minority here. we ALWAYS sorted and traded, and sorted and traded some more!! I think if i had to have a favorite part of my least favorite holiday it would be the sorting and trading!

your kiddos are CUTE!

ashleyboice said...

I am with you cassidy...we always traded.

Jorden said...

Yes, we were traders,and wrapper checkers. Tiff would hoard hers forever, and I would always find her hiding place and eat it. Those were the days, wish we could all get together and just trade candy, oh the simple life

Whidget said...

We all sorted and traded. Especially since I didn't like chocolate. It made for some good trades for my siblings--I will tell you that right now! :-) Glad you had fun and Meg and Carter are both TOO cute! :-)


Stormie said...

We sorted and traded too! :)

Emily said...

love it! They did score! Stewart and my family all did the same thing growing up. Reeses were always the the highest binders. :O)

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