Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shoes, Pajamas, and COOL WEATHER!

Megan LOVES shoes. She knows what they mean. They mean freedom. They mean outside! All I have to do is pick one up and she will plop down on the floor and lift a foot up to me. Really.
She was carrying around about 6 shoes in her arms yesterday, but of course by the time I got the camera, she had dropped them all.

Carter and Meg were in DESPERATE need of new PJ's. Here they are showing off some of the new ones.

Let me out, let me out, LET ME OUT.

We had a little cool weather a few days back and so we let the kids outside to play. They had so much fun. They actually got to wear pants!! They only played for a little bit though, because even though it might've been cooler, the misquitos were still CRAZY.
When I went to Arlington to hang out with my friends, they couldn't believe we still had hot weather and misquitos. I easily proved them that it was still summer there, by showing them our bites. Meg had like 7 on one leg.


Jackie said...

Glad you are back. I have been missing you.

SUPER glad for this weather! It's SO NICE!

love you!

Oi Polly Cervantes said...

that's really cute that Megan would do that.

and poor thing, I sympathize with her about the mosquito bites... I hate them, I get allergic reaction when I get bitten by mosquitoes. :(

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