Friday, October 30, 2009

Bailey's Wedding

One of my Young Women, from a couple of years ago, was married last weekend in the Houston, TX Temple. The exciting thing about this wedding is that Bailey is a convert, and the ONLY one in her family. She is such an example to me and my YW. She is AMAZING. She is so strong in the church. She was baptized at around 16, and in the time she was baptized to the time she graduated H.S., she completed her Young Womanhood Recognition!!!! As I said, AMAZING. She completed it in 2 years, where I know it takes most of us the entire 6 years of being in YW, and that's with our Mom's encouragement, which she didn't have!!!!

Anyways, it was soooo fun seeing her get married. She looked gorgeous. It was also fun to see Briana, an old friend, and the former YW president of Galveston, Bailey's leader for most of the time she was in YW.


Briana said...

Ohhhhhh... so I TOTALLY have to email you the picture I took of you and Bailey... it's SOOO cute! I'll do that, just wish I did it before you did this post... my bad! It was great to see you, too. Love the pictures of the kids all dressed up. Can't wait to see what Carter decided to be!

Aika said...

Do you have a new little girl? Her hair is so blond!! When did that happen? I didn't even recognize her. I thought you were babysitting some random baby girl. hahaha.... You guys have the cutest family and you look SO GOOD!!!!

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