Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ferry Ride

Last week Bo had an hour and a half lunch break, so we thought we'd ride the ferry and spend some quality time with Dad.
The kids had a blast. I think this was Megan's first time on the ferry, sadly enough. I need to take more advantage of the free fun this town has to offer.
This was a great trip because there were SO MANY dolphins. I've never seen so many! Usually when we take a ferry ride, we see maybe 3 to 5, but this time they were EVERYWHERE. It was awesome. We even saw some jump completely out of the water, instead of just coming up for air or whatever it is they do. They were left and right, in front and back, we saw grey and black, etc.
So fun and cool.Thanks Dad for spending time with us. Your kiddos love every moment they get to spend with you!!! (so do I!)


Jackie said...

I have been wanting to do this, I have never been either!

Stormie said...

I'm jealous! Jer and I should go do this.

Alisha Marlatt said...

Did Megan's hair turn more blonde...or is it just me? I know she's always had light hair but it looks way lighter in these pictures! Super cute!

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