Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Story Time

I almost didn't take the kids to story time today. I was running behind schedule and Megan REALLY needed a morning nap. I laid her down, but a half hour of crying later, decided to ditch that and go ahead and head for the Library. Besides, I needed new videos for Carter to watch as we head to Dallas tomorrow.
I'm so glad we went!!! Today for story time, how it's related I don't know, the Houston Zoo had a lady come down and talk about animals. Carter and Meg were in HEAVEN. Not only that, but she brought some LIVE animals too!!!
She brought out a tortoise, which she said is nicknamed the pancake tortoise because of it's flatter shell, a Chincilla, and some sort of snake that lives in the Sahara. SO COOL. Not only that, but we got to touch them. Okay, okay, so maybe I loved this more than the kids. Maybe. hahaha. I don't think I'll ever get the chance to touch a Chincilla again, so that was my favorite. It was SO SOFT. And way cute. Carter and Meg's favorites were the snake. Why the snake? I have no clue. Meg wouldn't touch any of the exhibits, even feathers, but stared and stared, and moved around people, so she could keep staring at the snake. Carter is a boy. Of course he would chose the snake.
Awesome trip. Totally made our day. We really do have a good library story time here on the island.


Kevin and Eliza said...

That is awesome. I'm so impressed by your library. How fun!

Rachel said...

HEY! I'm in Dallas today too!! What are the odds? My number is 661-304-0544. I doubt you'll check this while you're there. But IF YOU DO....! We'll be at the Kimball art museum. Maybe Old Fort Worth, and possibly the state fair. Give us a call. We'll all be there.
Love, Aunt Rachel

Jackie said...

Dallas? WHy you leave me for Dallas?

Emily said...

that is really cool!

santino, polly & little dude Eli said...

Sounds like a great Story Time at the library. I would be just as excited as you were :).

Are you visiting the Walkers? Have fun in Dallas!

Aika said...

That is amazing! You really do have a good library. Have fun in Dallas! Such a good idea to check out movies from the library when you're going out on a trip. Why haven't I thought of that sooner? You're a genius!

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