Monday, October 12, 2009

Plane Tickets and Midnight Car Break-Ins

So all last week Bo's mom, and sisters, have been trying hard to convince us that we should go home to WA for Christmas. ALL of Bo's family will be there, with a brand new niece and nephew, and we would be the only ones not there. So. . . after much debate, and despite the fact that it's going to cost over a thousand dollars to fix the ac in our car (which I think we've decided isn't worth it. . .), we decided on Saturday to go ahead and get plane tickets to fly home for 3 weeks at Christmas time.
We are really excited. I'm kinda anxious about spending the money, but what else is money for, if not to be spent doing fun things, right???? riiiiiiiggghhhtt. At least we'll get to have good food, good company, and SNOW!!! Bo and I are both excited for cooler weather. And I just CAN'T WAIT to see my too adorable kiddos all bundled up in snow clothes and rosy cheeks and noses. I adore my kids. Try finding two cuter ones.

So now on to the second part of my title, the midnight car break-in. So Saturday night Bo and I decided to go to bed early, say 10, and around midnight the door bell rings. What the. ???? So I get my robe on and drowsily stumble to the door. It's the neighbors from across the street. Apparently they caught some (like 8-10) teenage boys trying to break into our two cars!!!! They were also trying to get into the neighbors car too. Yeah. Great. Actually I wasn't too worried. I have absolutely nothing of value in those cars, but it's still the intrusion of privacy that annoyed me. They got into Bo's car, which he doesn't lock, and scattered stuff all over before the neighbors scared them off. They hadn't accomplished getting into the car IN OUR DRIVEWAY because thankfully I lock that one. Still, I shudder to think some kids trying to break into stuff on my own property.
When the cops came, they found an abandoned backpack that the kids had ditched while running away, and were able to use it to track down all of them. When talking to my neighbors last night, after bringing them THANK YOU cookies, they told me they saw 4 cop cars with at least 2 kids each in them. Nice. Punk kids. And apparently they had gone down our whole street. Our houses are on the end and must have been the last.

I started getting mad about no honest people anymore, but then I remembered the neighbors, and was glad that yes, there are still some out there, ready to watch their neighbor/strangers backs.


Jordon and Terra said...

Wow that's pretty crazy! I'm glad they didn't get anything! And I am SOO excited you guys will be there for Christmas! Oh the fun we'll have! :) Can't wait to see your adorable kids and have Hallie meet her cousins! Only just about 2 months and counting! haha

Kevin and Eliza said...

I'm glad that you get to go home for Christmas. Family is the best! How annoying about you car being broke into. Hooray that everything turned out good in the end.

Jackie said...

I just finished telling my mom you were going to be there for Christmas, but going home is wonderful! We sure will miss you.

The snow is worth it! I am so happy for you!

Scary about your cars! Glad nothing was taken and they got caught!

Love the island!

Jorden said...

I wish you lived closer, John would totally fix your ac for next to nothing. Maybe we should come to Texas.:) I'm glad they caught the kids that were breaking into cars, my car got broke into three times and never once did they ever catch the guys, ugh!

Shawn and Michelle said...

YAAAY!! :) I'm so excited!!!


After spotting a guy (thanks to our dog!) getting into our van in the middle of the night several weeks ago, I completely understand about feeling invaded of privacy! We had nothing of great value in our van either but it's just wrong & annoying that they were in there, in OUR vehicle!! I'm envious that you get to go to Moses Lake, enjoy your time there in the winter!!

Aika said...

That's crazy!! Man, I hate punk kids too!! I'm glad that cops got them. Thank goodness everything is ok and everyone is not hurt. Have so much fun this Christmas. Yup, our tickets cost that much too... Sucks that it costs that much, but you can't put a price tag on family.

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