Friday, October 9, 2009

The Wonder of Wipes

So I got out of the shower today, noticed the kids were quiet, and went to find out what they were up to. Somehow Carter had found Bo's book markers and had drawn ALL OVER both himself and Megan. I should've taken a picture, but I was soaking wet and upset.
I really should've taken a picture.
Part of me wanted to keep them orange for the day, or at least until Bo got home so he could see the consequences to leaving his stuff out in easy reach of the kiddos.
But I didn't. I'm all talk. Instead I grabbed the baby wipes. Those things are MARVELOUS! Not only are they great at wiping little tushies, but they took most of the marker right off.
Now my kids are orange free. And Carter? He now has a pirate mustache instead. But don't worry, I did that, and with easy to remove eyeliner.

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Whidget said...

That's funny. I thought you were going to say your kids like to chew on them. Dora LOVES to chew on wipes--not sure why. They taste horrible!


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