Saturday, October 17, 2009


So on Thursday morning I headed over to Arlington, TX to meet up with some friends of mine that I knew back in my Temple, Tx days. We left early in the morning and only had to drive about 4 and a half hours! Half of that time was spent red faced and with the windows down. hahaha. Luckily a cold front was coming through and the way back to Galveston on Saturday was nice and cool.
The trip was great. Okay, sure the kids were TERRIBLE at sleeping, and for some reason Carter kept begging to go home, but other than that, it was FUN. The kids had fun playing with all the other kids (7 total), and us ladies had a fabulous time eating, laughing, maybe gossiping, and hot tubbing.
Thursday night we took the kids out to a local pumpkin patch. My kids were in heaven. They loved it. We tried getting some decent pictures. Please ignore me in a pony tail, yet again. What do you expect when its hot and you're driving with the windows down? Although in all honesty, I'm too lazy to do my hair anymore. . . .
On Friday we went to the Dallas Zoo and we were there ALL DAY. It was tons of fun, but I can't believe we lasted that long!!! Carter loved it, as usual, but Meg?? Oh my goodness, Meg was in HEAVEN. I think the last time she went to the zoo she was still a baby and just laid in her car seat. It was funny to watch her. She would freak out with excitement at every. single. animal. I got a great picture of that.
Saturday was spent lounging around a little bit before hitting the road again. I had to leave early so that I could get home in time to get things ready for the Youth Fireside I was having at my house the next day. Not to mention I was SO TIRED. Neither me or my kids had naps, which is a MUST, and the kids just did not sleep well in a new place. Makes me really excited for Christmas.
Anyways, here's some pictures of the fun weekend. Claudia, thank you THANK YOU for hosting!! Fabulous food, fun, and conversations! You are AWESOME. It was so good to see you and Lindsay again!!

All the kids at the zoo.

Jay, Ian, Grant, Carter, Nikki, Megan, and baby Hannah

Megan flipping out over the monkeys. Isn't that face hilarious??
Us girls! Claudia, Lindsay, Me. My camera shutters sometimes don't open all the way. Sorry about the black corners.

Me and the babies at the pumpkin patch. I love them.

The kiddos, minus Hannah.

Back when we lived in Temple, Carter and Jay were the best of buds. Grant was just a newborn then. I can't believe how much they've all grown!!!


Whidget said...

Wow so cute! I Love the black edges. Does Lindsay have a blog!? I miss her and Ron and the kiddies!


Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

I'M AWSOME aren't I?lol. Cass thanks again for coming. I had SO much fun. The talks phewww totally a great weekend:)

Stormie said...

The picture where the shutter didn't open sort of looks like you did that on purpose to give it special effects! :) I loved the pictures. By the way, thanks for feeding my husband while I was gone on my trip!

Samantha said...

That picture of Meg is hilarious. And you look great in a pony.

Oi Polly Cervantes said...

i love that picture of the 3 pretty ladies :) glad you guys got to meet up, sounded like fun for you guys and the kiddos.

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