Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween night

Halloween night was great!!! We had a couple friends over with kids around Carter's age, and off we went to trick-or-treat around our little neighborhood. I'd say about half of the houses had people there, waiting for little trick-or-treaters to come. Not bad for the kids!! About half way through the neighborhood though, most of the kids were getting tired of walking, along with probably ALL of the parents. hahaa.
After the trick-or-treating we headed back to our house and just let the kids play/watch Hocus Pocus, while us adults ate snacks that everyone brought, along with our kids candy, of course!! It was a fun evening spent with GREAT friends. What would life be without friends??? I am a person that NEEDS friends, and I'm lucky to have so many good ones.
The highlights of the night were the three boys, Milo, Brampton, and Carter. They were so funny. They totally ran into someone's house instead of waiting to have them come to the door. I about died from laughing. They also climbed onto some guys swing bench in his yard, without asking of course. They were fun to watch.
Bo and I are GLAD that holiday is over. While we love Halloween, lets be honest, Halloween is just a holiday that is a stepping stone to the GOOD ones!! We can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas. All that good food. . . yes, my mind is always on food. haha. Can you blame me? So now comes the Christmas music and Thanksgiving crafts!! Bring it on!

I'm copying one of Carter's dance moves.
Left to right: Meg the Penguin, Jamie the Ladybug, Ben the Elephant , Carter the Superman, Brampton the Dragon, Milo Optimus Prime the Transformer, and Cardston the Monkey.

Carter and Milo, too impatient to wait for the rest of us.
The three boys on the stranger's bench!
Carter checking his loot! Everytime he'd come to me and show me what he got.
The extent to Bo's and my creativity toward Halloween costumes for ourselves. Orange and black shirts.


Jackie said...

Your kids look so cute!

Stormie said...

How fun! I wondered if anyone went door to door trick or treating in Galveston. Love the pictures.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

of course Carter would be Superman! How cute... and the penguin I love.

Robin Conner said...

Super cute! Loved the kids costumes! I had fun catching up on your blog! Hope you're doing well and survive the OB/GYN Rotation! Hopefully it will go by fast! ;)

Whidget said...

WOW what cute kids. :-) I love Meg in the penguin. I can't believe how big she is and how she's walking! I am so sad I haven't met the little chick yet. Love you!

Stephanie said...

Halloween was fun! The kids were adorable together. Thanks for having us over!!

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