Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wishful Thinking

I wish I were clever. I can hold my own conversation, I think. . ., but I can never ever come up with anything witty or clever. Bo can. I wish I could. I also wish I had more creative abilities to make what I have "cool" (i.e. fashion sense) I'm too cheap to buy "cool" things, so I really need to be creative. huh.
Whatever. My mom thinks I'm cool. haha


Briana said...

Your so random!! LOL!!

Robin Conner said...

You're so funny sometimes. You are clever and witty. Maybe just in different ways. Don't be so down on your little cute self. You have tons of qualities that others wish they possessed! And I hope you guys are feeling better!

Whidget said...

Your mom distinctly told me you weren't cool. Sorry to burst your bubble.


Cassidy said...

hahahaa. Thanks Bridget. Go have your baby.
Don't worry Robin, I'm not really down on myself. I'm just trying to figure out a way to be creative.

Donnie and Laura said...

I'm gonna call you Cool Cassidy from now on. So you will constantly be reminded of how cool I think you are ;)

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