Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras

So Galveston is busy celebrating Mardi Gras! It really didn't feel like Valentine's Day yesterday, what with all the parades and such devoted to Mardi Gras.
Bo and I actually had our Valentine's Day date on Friday night. We went to dinner at Olive Garden, I love love LOVE their new soup, and then we went to Taken. It was all in all a great night. We swapped date night with some friends and they were kind enough to watch Meg too, although we only had them take care of her for the dinner part. It would've been too long for her away from me if we had left her for the WHOLE night.
It was a pretty casual holiday for us. Bo accidently got his treats earlier in the week, thanks to Carter pulling it out of the bag and giving it to him, and I had gotten my flowers earlier too. I'm too cheap to let Bo buy me way over priced flowers on the actual day. So of Saturday we just handed Carter his valentine from us and spent the day spoiling each other through meals, breaks, etc. Way low key and relaxing.
Since it was Mardi Gras we took Carter to one of the parades. They had three yesterday, but we just took him to one. Oh man it was crazy. Everyone was handing out beads. There were so many! We stood next to a group of young adults, so they kept coming over to Carter and putting beads around his head. He had so many!!! Not to mention everyone on the floats would throw them to us because we had little kiddos. I'm sure Carter weighed an extra 5 lbs at least.
The theme must be pirates this year, because all the floats were pirate ships and pirates. Carter was in HEAVEN. Oh he loved it.
After the parade we went home for a LOOONNG nap and actually had to wake Carter in the evening because his friend had come over for the second half of the date swap.
All in all it was a great day! Thanks for making me feel special and loved, Bo. I love you. You are the perfect man for me. I love you Carter and Megan. You are the best little children ever! You both are so sweet and caring.
My family is seriously the best!
Carter pretending to be asleep while we wait for the parade to start.

Carter after the parade. He was a tad grumpy because he was so tired. Look at all the beads. Crazy. Bo and I were laughing so hard.


Briana said...

We sure do miss the parades! Looks like you guys had fun, though!

Robin Conner said...

Awwww, we miss it!!!! Our kids loved going to the parades too! The last pic is hilarious of Carter, he looks "done!" It's fun to get all those beads!

Jackie said...

Carter makes the cutest faces!

Ja said...

Madi Gras this year will be great :)
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