Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trip to Temple, TX

So I used to live in Temple, TX, which is about 4 hours from Galveston. We lived there just before moving here. I have lots of friends there, some of which will be moving in a few months, and some who have just moved there.
One of my friends, Brianna, moved to Temple about 9 months ago, after husband graduated from Med School here at UTMB. She has been asking me to visit, and I finally made the time to travel the 4 hours with my two kiddos to her house. I'm so glad I did too. It was great to see all my long lost friends, and it was SO FUN playing with Brianna!! (granted I didn't win ONE game we played)
Of course neither of my kids slept too well, but it was still worth it. Brianna has 3 boys, ranging from 5 to 1. Her two older boys were friends with Carter, so it was great seeing them play together again. Her boys had fun playing with Megan. They were so cute to her too. They would often sit next to her on the couch and just talk to her and make her laugh. SO CUTE! She thought they were so funny. I had to best time socializing and playing games. Really, who could ask for more?
The only downer, which wasn't really a downer unless you were Carter, was that it was too cold to go outside to play in the yard. Poor Carter would just stand at the back door begging to go out, trying to convince me that it wasn't that bad (can you tell that I need a yard??). It was too cold though, I promise. There was an ice storm while I was there that left my car covered in ice.
While there I was able to meet up with almost all my other friends at the local Burger King. It was a fun reunion. Poor Santino was the only man. haha. He was good natured about it though. I was also able to see Serena's cute little baby. It's amazing how fast babies change. Megan was like twice her size, with only 3 months in between them. haha.
It was a good trip. I headed over there Monday around noonish and got back into town, with two screaming kids, Wednesday night, just in time for mutual. Oh I was tired. I still am. So fun though. I can't wait to do it again! Well maybe I can wait a little. . . . but I will miss my friends. I love friends.

The boys riding a "bull" at a play place in the mall on Wednesday, just before we left. Serena actually met up with us there too, and that was fun!! You can see her in husband Doug talking to Brianna in the background.

The whole gang. L to R. Braeden, Megan, Carsen, Carter, and Gaven.

Braeden making Meg laugh.

The boys. Carter really missed those two.


Robin Conner said...

Oh I'm so happy you got to go visit Briana! I'm so jealous! :) your trip looked so fun. It was cute to see the boys maying Megan laugh. She is growing way too fast, but she is so adorable! I love the pic of her with her big flower, so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Briana said...

I thought I really liked the picture I had of Braeden making Megan laugh, but I think I like yours even more! SO cute! Where are the pictures of the new do??

Jackie said...

Your blog matches my blog.

Now let's see your cute hair!

andrea said...

definitely sounds like fun.

i wish more friends were closer too, though it's good a bunch are only a short drive away.

are you heading to austin?

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