Sunday, February 8, 2009

Understanding Carter

Carter: "I melled them."

Cassidy: "You what?"

Carter: "I *sniff* *sniff* (actual sniffing) like that."

Cassidy: "Ohhhh, you smelled them!"

Carter: " Yeah!"


Carter: "It's a paypane!"

Cassidy: "Huh???"

Carter: "It's a buzzz, buuzzzz, bzzzz" (while waving hand around in air)

Cassidy: "It's an airplane?"

Carter: "Yeah, a pay-pane.'


My favorite, which he hasn't done for awhile:

Carter: "A dink, ahhh, a dink, ahhh"

Cassidy: "A drink??"

Carter: "Yeah, a dink, ahhh"

You see, the "ahhhh" is the noise you make after swallowing a refreshing drink. "ahhhhh"

And our day is filled with this. We're both getting better though. :)


Donnie and Laura said...

HAHA. When I was so little like Carter's age, we had potpourri by the front door and EVERYTIME we came home I'd say, "Mommy, I mell dumding." That is funny that he acts it out for you.. what a smart kid!!


Too cute!! Cayden is 4 and still has a little trouble with some sounds in words...I often have to tell Tyler what Cayden is trying to tell him!! Oh and I know you weren't trying to say I was a wimp or anything with my ribs, I just realized it doesn't do any good to complain! How and when did you hurt yours?!

Kevin and Eliza said...

Oh that is cute. I think it is so cute how children pronounce their words. I like how he is using actions. He is obviously a visual guy or at least he knows you are.

Samantha said...

Hey Cassidy- last week when you commented on my blog (about my funk) I wanted to email you but I think I only have your old email address. Will you email me your email?

And cassidy, you are and always have been totally hilarious. and that usually means clever too. You probably just don't allow yourself to get that much credit.

Emily said...

That is really funny and cute. Sometimes I have no idea what my kids are trying to tell me.

Jana said...

Carter must be seriously doubting your mental prowess if he's feels he needs to act out his conversations for you. : ) You're going to need to do something big to impress him, like memorize pi or solve a rubix cube blind or something. Look forward to seeing you guys soon!

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