Saturday, February 7, 2009

Exciting times

Not really. We are sick. So fun, right? Carter started it with having an upset stomach. I knew something was off yesterday when he didn't want to do ANYTHING, but lay down on the couch. Hmmmm. . . Then I started feeling sick. I'm more the achy body and sore throat. The only one not affected is Bo. The rest of us are so tired and out of it. I'm guessing Meg doesn't feel too well because she's been extra tired and attached too.

Bo has been amazing at helping out, letting me sleep while he watches the kids among other things, and staying upbeat. He even bought me flowers!! Poor guy, he's probably bored out of his mind and sick of watching movies. That's pretty much all we've been doing. It's actually been pretty relaxing and nice to have Carter so cuddly.

That's all.

Oh yeah. Carter decided he wanted to wear his old Tiger Halloween costume today. He's actually kept it on all day too, even during his nap. Funny boy.


Donnie and Laura said...

One time I was sick and Donnie bought me flowers and they were the EXACT same kind!!!! Weird. I hope yall fell better soon!!

Whidget said...

sorry you are sick-good for Bo pampering you though!! no baby yet!!


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