Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Still Sick

So we are still sick here at the Beus house. Actually it's more like Carter is still sick. . . and maybe Meg. It's so hard to tell with babies. Anyways, we haven't gotten out of the house since Thursday of last week. That's right. We are going CRAZY. I can't wait till they are better so we can go out into the world and get some things done. Man the days seem long when all you do is watch t.v. and change diapers.

Our house isn't the best right now. We've been using a lot of air freshners. Between vomit and messy diapers. . . well it's just not pleasant. On the bright side, Carter hasn't thrown up at all today! HOORAY!!!! Trust me, that's a big plus.

Yesterday Carter woke up and got really REALLY sick. I made a little bed on the floor in the living room, made up mostly of towels, and he basically just laid there all day. Seriously. He hardly ever got up. He kept crying for me to hold him. Poor baby.

Meg was wierd yesterday. She was super happy and would NOT SLEEP. She was fussy unless I was either looking at her or holding her. . . as long as I was doing those she was full of smiles and laughs. Because she was so needy, she didn't get much sleep, so it wasn't much of a surprise that she did this after dinner:

Poor baby. I can't believe she fell asleep in that!!! Bo and I were laughing pretty hard. Don't worry, we took her out right after and went and laid her down.

Earlier in the week, when we were trying to think of something to do, we put Megan in Carter's p.j.'s. They actually aren't that big on her!! It's funny because Carter is still wearing those pj's.

This last picture is just a random one that I thought was cute. Carter and pirates. . . . Megan was actually laughing at it too, I just wasn't able to capture it on the camera. She always stops smiling once the camera is out because the camera distracts her.


Jackie said...

How kids are so hysterical.

Get better by time I come home so we can play again!
Miss ya!

Robin Conner said...

goodness Cassidy! Still sick! Yuck! I hope for your sake that the kiddos get over it quickly. That's a long time to be cooped up! You poor mommy! Take care and think "healthy" thoughts! ;)

Jordon and Terra said...

I LOVE those pictures! Carter is such a funny little boy! I hope he starts feeling better! That is no fun!

Briana said...

What cuties. You horrible Mommy, letting your baby fall asleep in the bumbo chair. Just kidding!! Despite the position, she actually looks fairly comfortable, resting on those rolls! LOL!!

Samantha said...

You just described my life. Not the sick kids part. But the never leaving the house and watching tv and changing diapers all day part.

Here's hoping your kids get better QUICK!

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