Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Visit from Grandpa!!

So Bo's dad came to visit us last weekend. I know, this is a late post. He sort of came out of the blue too. He called us like the Sunday before his visit, letting us know he was coming into town on Friday.
He got in Friday evening and stayed till Monday morning. We had fun visiting and eating good food. We drove him around to see the "sights", aka storm damage, and we also went to Inkheart. It was really fun to have him, even though it was such a short stay.
Unfortunately I only took one picture the whole time, and the reason I took it was because I had just made her headband. So sad. I'm so bad at taking pictures. It's a cute flower though, yeah? So big. haha.
Thanks for visiting us Grandpa!!
Oops, just kidding. I found another picture that I took. Unfortunately I didn't get one of Grandpa and Carter. Oh well.

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Donnie and Laura said...

I LOVE big flowers on babies' heads!! Lookin' good Meg!!

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