Monday, December 3, 2012


This year for Thanksgiving, our friends, the Fackrell's, came from Tennessee to spend the whole week with us.
They drove in on Sunday evening and left Saturday morning, and we made sure that each day was packed with fun!  Unfortunately, and in true Cassidy fashion, the only day I remembered to take pictures was on Monday, when we went to Chicago.  Woops.  Oh well, at least I got a lot in that one day!
So the week:  Monday we all went to Chicago and spent the day walking and WALKING all over the city center.  Carter's and Meg's favorite part of the day was riding the water taxi.  Mine was going up to the top of the Hancock tower. (pics of that to be included later, when I upload them from my phone....).  I forgot to ask Bo what his favorite part was.
Tuesday we went to a local bounce house/jumpling place.
Wednesday we spent the whole day in the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  The WHOLE day.  The kids had so much fun!
Thursday was Thanksgiving, and it was delicious, fun, and tiring.  Tiff and I ended the day doing our "Black Friday" shopping in record time.  We totally rocked and were in and out in both Walmart and Target, getting all that we wanted. 
Friday was our relaxing day and then in the evening we went to "Rise of the Guardians," which was way good!
Saturday was leaving day, cleaning day, and busting-out-the-Christmas-decorations day.
What a way fun week.  I'm so glad we have friends on this side of the country that are willing to come and celebrate the holidays with us! Thanks David, Tiffany, Cambree, and Bridger!!!!
Oh yeah, and the best part of the whole week was watching our kids play.  They got along so amazingly well.
Waiting for the water taxi! 

Water Taxi!!!

 Admiring the train set in the lobby of the Hancock building.

 The American Girl Doll store!!!  These girls, and maybe the moms, were in heaven!

And of course I had to get some pictures of us with the Cloud Gate sculpture/BEAN!!!

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